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Sprint - Do I divorce you?


Sprint - Do I divorce you?

I have been a Sprint customer over 12 years.  My contract expires next month.  A few weeks ago I began drafting a post in an attempt to air my issue and relieve some stress.  Last night, I read a post where after reading the first three sentences I thought I had finished my draft and posted it without any memory of doing so!   While our issues are slightly different, like that customer (now a former customer), I used to brag on Sprint.  I live in a small-ish city and I actually got several people to switch to Sprint over the years. I NEVER had a problem...until two years ago.  I do not like change, but I am only a month away from ending my relationship with Sprint. Sprint must think their mantra of being "the only TRULY UNLIMITED data plan" will carry them forever.  I say BIG WHOOP -- if my phone can't get enough connectivity to get ON the internet, or is so SLOW I have to ask my grandson to bring it up on his Cricket phone, who cares if it is the only TRULY UNLIMITED source?  Everyone I encouraged to either switch to or stay with Sprint over the years have all left Sprint for other carriers; AND they are happy.

I was one of the people who had the misfortune of buying the LG Optimus S phone 2 years ago.  I joined a lengthy forum topic regarding these phones and the documented problems we were all having.  Sprint, of course, denied it all for months and months (and probably officially still deny it) but finally they allowed one of their techs (thank you Mr. Tech!) to post a way for us to reset our phones.  I am disabled and I do not have the resources any longer to buy my way into another phone so I have hung in there all this time, but continue to have issues with the phone. I had called so many times in the first year with my Optimus S, Sprint sent me an Airave.  The reception got better in certain parts of my home, but the phone's issues have continued.  My mother's cancer returned in December, and in January, after 4 or 5 issues in as many days, I called Sprint hoping my contract was close to maturity.  I thought I had lucked out and that I had finally found an employee that understood my frustration.  Her name was Mikayla.  She apologized profusely for my problems without admitting any responsibility, but she made me feel like I was dealing with the old Sprint!  I was elated!  She said they didn't want to lose me.  After about 3 times of me saying "maybe so, but I still want to know the exact date my contract ends so I can look elsewhere" she asked me if she was able to put together a phone free of charge - after research into which phone would work the best in my Sprint coverage area - if I would consider staying with Sprint.  Impressed with her dedication to customer service (again, like the old Sprint), I told her I would definitely consider it.  This being Friday, she said she would call me at 1:30 the next Monday, January 15th.  I spent all weekend telling my friends how Sprint had finally listened, Mikayla had made me believe they cared and I couldn't wait to become loyal again and sing their praises!  All the way to take Momma to radiation treatment on that Monday, I told her all about the phone call I would get when treatment was over.  I had been so nervous and afraid I would miss a phone call from her when she needed me and now I could rest easy.

My precious mother died April 6th.  I never heard from Mikayla again.  SPRINT, I am sorely disappointed.  What else is there but divorce?

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