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Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99


Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

Yesterday morning I incorrectly posted a topic stating that I was  able to change the plan on my Overdrive from 5GB/Unlimited (59.99) to  the 3GB/Unlimited Bundle (34.99).  The plan price is $44.99, minus a $10 discount if your on a Simply  Everything 450. I was pretty excited because this meant a savings of  $25.00 a month! I spoke to soon. Yesterday afternoon I received this  voicemail from Melissa, a supervisor in Executive Account Services, a  day after she promised to get my plan switched with the help of another  department.

This is what she said on the voice mail:

"Hi, This message is  for Mr. _____. This is Melissa calling back from Sprint we spoke the  other day regarding plan change for your connection cards unit. I did  check with our helpdesk. The plan that you were viewing online is for the sprint internet, tablets only. The plans for the type of equipment that you have the lowest plan that  we had with the unlimited  4G was available for 5999. If you have  any further questions though, please contact us here via *2 on  your phone. Have a great day sir."

Thanks  Melissa, but you have no idea what you are talking about. The 3G/4G  Hotspot Mobile Broadband Connection Paln is for the Hotspots, either the  Overdrive Pro, or the MiFi and it has absolutely nothing to do with a  Tablet. Thanks for wasting my time.

At this point I had to call back and go through the entire 2 hour process all over again: Account Services, Supervisor, Lead Supervisor,  and finally Bianca at Mobile Broadband Support who promised to fix the  issue and call me back. Later that evening Bianca called back and left a  voicemail, this is what she said:

"This  is Bianca calling back with mobile broadband support. I'm sorry it took  me awhile to get back with you, but I had my supervisor and a couple of  people look into this matter and one of the stipulations is that the device has to be a newly activated device.  Because it's not a newly activated device, we're unable to apply that  price plan to your account. If you have anymore questions please give us  a call back at 882114727 Thanks for choosing Sprint and enjoy the rest  of your day.

I  call foul! Are you seriously telling me that I have to purchase a new  device to take advantage of this savings? So, I call back and run  through the entire 2 hour process all over again:  Account Services, Mobile Broadband Support, Tele-sales (really?), and back to account services, and then finally a Supervisor. And then I got to the bottom of it, the "plan codes" were never updated to allow for  the Overdrive. Still no resolution.

According  to Sprint, they will not, or can not put an Overdrive on the  3GB/unlimited plan bundle of $34.99. If you own this device, you must  continue paying $59.99 for the 5GB/unlimited plan. This  is not because of limitations with the device itself, rather a failure  on Sprint's side to fix something that is broken within the billing  system.

Here are the issues that "Sprint Cares" needs to address, ASAP:

1. Internal Communication: Reps do not understand the details of the plans. I spent 6 hours over the course of 2 days trying to make a plan change  that is never going to happen. Total waste of my time. If this is the  case, why was I not informed by the first rep on the very first call so  that I could have avoided all of this hassle and frustration? Instead I spoke with 9 different reps and not one had a clue what they we talking about.

2. Fine Print: On  the plan description, why is it not stated that this plan is only  available on the Overdrive Pro and the Mifi unit? If that would have  been stated I never would have called in the first place.

3. Bait and Switch: My  Overdrive is 13 months old. When purchased in June 2010, I agreed to a 2 year  contract at $59.99. Less that 1 year later in May 2011 a plan that  better fits my needs and budget becomes available, but only if I  purchase a new device. Why would Sprint expect a customer to purchase a  new device in the middle of a 2 year contract?


Re: Sprint Refuses to change Overdrive to a different Plan

Screenshot from Nowhere does it say that this plan is only available for the Overdrive Pro or the MiFi.

3g4g save $10 small.jpg


Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

Update: shortly after posting this thread and emailing the contents of my post, along with its link, to a group of Sprint employees I received a phone call from a social media rep. He stated that he will work with account services to have my Overdrive switched to the correct plan. I appreciate his prompt response and I look forward to seeing this issue resolved. I will update this thread again when i have more information.

In the meantime, I would encourage anyone viewing this, that is dealing with this same issue, to post here and let Sprint know they need to be held accountable for their mistakes.


Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

I see where you are frustrated, and I would be too. I don't know why a rep is telling you a plan is only available for new customers. The only plans I know of that have that stipulation are SERO and EPRP (employee discount plans). Everything else should be available for transfer under Sprint's "Right Plan Promise".


Re: Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

Update 8/06/2011:

This issue is not being resolved by Sprint, and quite honestly I don't expect it to be resolved before I make a visit to another carrier. Over one week ago I called to get better pricing on my Overdrive and as of today, nothing has changed. I could have been in and out of a Verizon or AT&T store in under an hour. Yet here I am 10+ hours of dealing with Sprint.

I continue to get the run-around and empty promises from Sprint Reps.

I was contacted by William, a Sprint Social Media Rep on 07/30/2011. William said he would work on the issue and contact me on Monday 08/01/2011

Monday 08/01/2011 William called and left the following voicemail (at exactly the time we had scheduled, thanks!)

"This    is    William    from    Sprint    together    with    Nextel.    It's    about    11    AM    Eastern    Standard    Time,    on    Monday.    I    On    Monday,    August    1st.    I    just    wanted    to    touch    base    with    you    and    let    you    know    that    I'm    working    on    your    case    right    now.    You,    Your    request    is    still    pending    to    have    the    price    plans    changed    for    is    to    be    changed    to    the    3499    plan. I    figured    out    what    the    problem    was    so    it    should    be    taking    care    within    the    next    24    to    48    hours    as    soon    as    I    receive    an    update    once    the    request    as    completed.  I    will    give    you    a    follow    up    call.    Please    feel    free    to    email    me    with    any    further    questions    or    anything.    You    know,    even    if    it's    unrelated    to    need    help    with    that    okay.    Hang    in    there    and    thank    you    for    contacting,    bye    bye"

Thursday 08/04/2011 William sent the following email:

"Mr. ------, I  wanted to give you a status update; we are still working on a  resolution for your issue. I will be working this evening until 10PM  EST and will not be returning to the office until 08/15/2011. I have  informed my counterpart George in regards to your issue and he will be  assisting while I am out. George will be in contact with you should he  need further information and will contact you  with a resolution, once the ticket we have opened has been closed. George’s email address is Please feel free to contact him with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you, William"

As of today, Saturday 08/06/2011, this issue has not been resolved. I have not received any updates from William, George, or anyone else at Sprint for that matter.

I have posted in so many other threads about the frustration that I have experienced as a Sprint customer. This whole situation just proves that Sprint, as a company, has no intention of changing the poor customer experience.

Shame on you Sprint for making a simple plan change such a frustrating experience.


Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

By the sound of the email, the request is pending and they are trying to work around the system to put you on a plan that normally isn't available in the system. That takes time, as only certain individuals with authorization codes are able to apply it. It appears they are waiting on a response from one of those people, who may be off for the weekend. Try giving it a few more days.


Re: Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

Update: 08/09/2011  Still no contact from anyone at Sprint. This issue has not been resolve, the 3 key points I made in the original post have not been addressed. I've also made my complaints with the FCC, FTC, and the KC BBB.

I have attempted to contact Sprint multiple times via Phone, Email, and this Community  Forum. I have allowed Sprint plenty of time to sort out their problems and make contact with me.

According to the TOS, I've done my part.

"We Agree To First Contact Each Other With Any Disputes

We each agree to first contact each other with any disputes and  provide a written description of the problem, all relevant  documents/information and the proposed resolution.  We agree to contact  each other as described in the Providing Notice to Each Other Under The  Agreement section of the Ts&Cs."

My next step is arbitration. According to Dispute Resolution part (2) I will be sending the contents of this thread, emails, and voicemail transcripts to the address below.

"(2) If either of us wants to arbitrate a dispute, we agree to send  written notice to the other providing a description of the dispute,  previous efforts to resolve the dispute, all supporting  documents/information, and the proposed resolution.  Notice to you will  be sent as described in the Providing Notice to Each Other Under The  Agreement section of the Ts&Cs and notice to us will be sent to:  General Counsel; Arbitration Office; 2001 Edmund Halley Drive  VARESP0513-502; Reston, Virginia 20191.  We agree to make attempts to  resolve the dispute.  If we cannot resolve the dispute within forty-five  (45) days of receipt of the notice to arbitrate, then we may submit the  dispute to formal arbitration."


Re: Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

Rex, Thanks for your comment. If I'm not mistaken, this plan has been available since May 18, 2011 - nearly 3 months. I believe that is adequate time for Sprint to fix their problems.


Re: Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

I'm really amused that the forum mods/admins would move this thread to an unrelated Sub-Category, yet none of them will speak up and respond to my concerns. Not a single Sprint Employee will acknowledge this issue on this forum. Not a single Sprint Employee will acknowledge the poor customer service.

Message was edited by: been.jammin. I moved it back to where it belongs.


Re: Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99


To cover something really quick just to ease your concerns, our admins moves posts to help us techs and reps more easily respond to your post (as well as help customers locate posts with similar issues and concerns to their own). Just like anything else, if everything is tossed into one pile, things sometimes get buried and overlooked. Our admins help out by sorting some of the posts to appropriate catagories so we can see them easier and help you guys out quicker.

In regards to your trouble with the price plan, I researched the price plans available, and you are 100% correct. You should be able to have that price plan on the Overdrive. I will private message you so I can get the specific information in regards to your account so I can see what is going on for you.

Correction: This is available for the Overdrive Pro, not for the original Overdrive. I will still go ahead and private message you, just to double check everything for you.

Message was edited by: JPSquared


Re: Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

14 days, 12+ hours on the phone, filing complaints, posting updates, and typing emails (that have gone completely ignored) and there is STILL NO RESOLUTION TO THIS ISSUE


Update 08-11-11:

This evening I was finally contacted by “George.” He informed me that the Overdrive is not compatible with the 3GB/Unlimited plan due to “system limitations.” A reiteration of what I already knew, as stated in my original post. There are only two explanations for this; 1.force Mobile Broadband Customers into replacing their existing equipment so that they commit to another two-year contract or 2.the Overdrive was just simply left off the eligibility list in error. If the first is true then Sprint is not honoring their Right Plan Promise and guilty of bait and switch. If the later is true then these “system limitations” just need to get fixed so that Overdrive users get the same pricing as Overdrive Pro users.

George clearly outlined 3 options:

1.Purchase a new device and switch to the better suited plan.”

Essentially I would have 2 choices:

  • Purchase an Overdrive Pro at a cost of $250 without extending my contract. (This option would nullify any savings earned by switching plans over the next year.)
  • Pay $155 for the device and agree to a 2 year contract (after an upgrade discount of $75, and a $20 trade in credit.) With this choice Sprint is blatantly breaking their Right Plan Promise: “Sprint lets you change your plan any time, without renewing or extending your contract.”

2. “Continue overpaying $25 a month for the current plan and ignore the savings.

3. “Terminate Services – George honestly suggested that I just cancel my services and walk away. Way to keep continued business, Sprint! Way to be a team player, George! Way to save that upset customer! Honestly, at this point, Option 3 is actually the best deal for me in the long run. But don’t expect me to walk away quietly, I intend to pursue this issue until it is resolved.

In the real world, where Companies stand by their promises, and where Employees are held accountable for their actions, this is what Sprint would be doing:

1. Fix the System Limitations

Find someone that is responsible and hold them accountable. George should right now be escalating this issue, his boss should be escalating, her boss should be escalating, and it should keep going up and up and up until someone figures out what needs to be done to make it right.

2. If Sprint can’t fix it, then Sprint needs to replace the device

This was my suggestion to George. Why wouldn't Sprint eat the cost of a device, over something that is clearly their problem? George refused to give me a yes or no answer, and instead referred me to his Manager, Noel who will supposedly call me tomorrow. I’ll believe it when my phone rings. In the meantime, I’ll be visiting Best Buy to check out the competition’s offers.


Sprint Refuses to allow Overdrive on the 3GB/Unlimited Plan $34.99

Update: 8-16-2011

Sprint has provided me with a replacement device that is compatible with the 3GB/unlimited plan. I had to agree: to pay the current retail promotional price, and a 1 year contract. This is not a solution to the problem, but it is workaround. There will never be a real solution to the problem. Overdrive owners will never be on the 3GB/unlimited plan. This is because Sprint doesn't care about the customer experience after the device is sold. All they care about is selling you that next device, even if you don't want or need it.

Thank You, to the Sprint employees who actually tried to get the Overdrive on the 3GB/unlimited plan.

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