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Sprint Shine Above and beyond stories.


Sprint Shine Above and beyond stories.

This is the space to share how customer service has gone out of there way to help.  Let the employees that there are people who are grateful for the help they provided.  Hopefully this may encourage others to step up an for customers to see that Sprint NOW cares    


Sprint Shine Above and beyond stories.

July 4th 2011 I busted my HTC Hero.  It would still make phone calls but the data functions didn't work.  Sprint confirmed it was busted. I really didn't have the money to by a new android but needed a phone to see xrays, lab results and other information in different forms.  When I explained the situation they moved up my upgrade day so that I could get a phone that was as useful as the Hero.  I got the Evo 3d. I  Was so happy for a day or so until I figured out I wasn't getting any calls or data at home.  Initially I thought it was a slow night at the hospital, but that wasn't it.  My new phone didn't get a signal in my home like my old phone did.  Once again I called and was told," indoor reception can not be guaranteed". Hog wash.  Well I when online, here, and stared to complain.  A rep gave m a phone number to call.  Later in the week I received an Airave that made all the difference. I went from a busted phone to a boomshakalaka phone with 5 bar service in my home.


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