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Sprint Stores don't accept cash?


Sprint Stores don't accept cash?

This took place at around 11:20am, yesterday, 6/26/2012.

So my bill is due and I walk into my new local Sprint store to pay it. I notice that the store doesn't have a payment kiosk, so resolve to wait for an associate. After waiting a couple minutes, the clerk comes over to me and asks me how he can help me. I inform him that I would like to pay my bill and he waves me over to the register. As we're walking over to the register, he asks me if I will be paying with cash or credit, and when I reply that it will be cash, he tells me that "since they don't have a payment kiosk that they charge a $3 fee to accept cash, would that be ok?" Uhm, no, actually, that isn't ok. I won't be paying you to accept the legal tender of your government, thanks for playing. I ask for the manager, and am informed that there isn't one in the store at the moment.. uhm, WTF? Needless to say, I simply walk out of the store.

So, at this point, I am curious if that fee is an attempt by the clerk to blatantly steal three dollars (a pittance, but its the principle) or if that is truly Sprint's policy towards cash now? Either way, I won't be returning to that store for any reason.

The store in question is this one, which appears to be a Sprint Store by Direct Store:

11416 FM 620 Ste L

Austin, TX 78726

Also, if anyone could point me to a store in the area that DOES accept cash without a fee?  Y'know, like T-Mobile, since they seem to be killing every customer service survey nowadays...


Re: Sprint Stores don't accept cash?

Yea, Third party stores charge, Corporate stores do not.
Here are some corporate stores near you.

Parkline Shopping Center
11301 Lakeline Blvd Ste 140
Austin, TX 78717
(512) 258-6368

The Shops At Whitestone

202 Walton Way Ste 142

Cedar Park, TX 78613

(512) 259-2253

Bldg. 1

9901 N Capital Of Texas Hwy Bldg 1 Ste 215

Austin, TX 78759

(512) 338-3000


Re: Sprint Stores don't accept cash?

Thank you for providing that information   I will forward it up the peopel in charge of the ret ail stores    Sorry about this issue


Re: Sprint Stores don't accept cash?

Interesting.. I wonder how they get away with it.. considering that they are required by federal law to accept cash for debts. I find it very hard to believe that this is legal. Oh well... another reason to find a different provider.

Thank you for the info on the stores though.


Re: Sprint Stores don't accept cash?

Levi4U is right. I double-checked with my store contacts and here is the reply.

The payment company we authorize our indirect retailers to use (PreCash) charges the indirect retailer a fee to accept each payment. The indirect retailer is authorized to charge the customer a fee to cover that cost.

We do have some retailers that do not charge the fee (for precisely this reason – customer experience) but it is at their discretion.

I will address this with the owner and my director but likely this will not change for this location.




Re: Sprint Stores don't accept cash?

That is all well and good, however, they only charge this fee to people paying cash, not to those people paying with credit, which is where my problem lies. If they were charging a fee to accept payments to all people across the board, that would be one thing.. poor customer service on Sprint's part, but it would at least make sense. But by only penalizing those people who are trying to pay with cash, they are crossing an interesting line. Considering that it is illegal to charge customers a fee to use a credit or debit card, I have a hard time believing that it would be legal to charge a fee to accept cash.

Either way, its a moot point, I found another store that is convenient to me, and I reported the store to the Texas AG's consumer complaints division, so we'll see what they have to say.


Re: Sprint Stores don't accept cash?

Many gas stations across the country still charge more for CC (usually 3-8 cents more per gallon).  Seems really strange to charge more for cash. 


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