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Sprint and A T &T tied as the worst service providers


Sprint and A T &T tied as the worst service providers

Well, We understand why. My wife and I have been with Sprint for almost 10 years. In the begining things were good but they sure have gone down hill. I urge everyone to find another provider. Of course, that is after your contract is up so you are not stuck with hugh early termination fees.

I won't go into details other then I am fed up. For the following reasons:

Continuous billing errors

The worst customer service

Misleading sales talk

Credits promised and never recieved

Oh, and lets not forget that my wife and I use to purchase phones at local Sprint stores to which we were suppose to receive rebates for re-newing our contracts. Well, 4 phones and 2 contract renewals later, we have yet to ever recieve a credit or payment for rebates !

Now here we go again. A new contract, more offers and promises not delivered and screwed up bills because yes, we are stupid. We were all set to move on and go with Verizon but, like idiots, we believed the sales person on the other end of the phone. Even after explaining that we have been jerked around in the past to this sales person, spending hours on the phone to cover all the bases, explaining what our income and budget was and how we could only afford x amount per month, we were assured all was well. We were perferred customers and we would get this, that and the other and your bill will only be this. Yes, I will say it again, we are stupid because we believed what was said. Then customer service treats us like we don't know ours @#$ from a hole in the ground. I guess we are hard headed and have to learn the hard way.

Maybe if we had researched first before renewing again we would have discovered that Sprint and A T & T tie as the worst service providers, that Sprint has had at least 3 class action laws suits brought against them, that Sprint only has a "C" rating with the Better Business Bureau do to over 30,000 unresolved compliants and that Rip Off reports and many other consumer web sites have thousands of complaints logged much like ours. This is not slender. One simply needs to research and you will find all that is stated to be true.

We have finished trying to work things out with Sprint. We our now seeking to be released from our contract via the consumer complaints division of the North Carolina Attorney Generals office.

A bit of hard learned advice, never agree to a verbal contract as it is nearly impossible to prove what was promised by the parties involved. When dealing with companys like Sprint, request that they send a letter or e-mail of the promises made to you before agreeing to anything. Then you have written proof of what was agreed upon. With out this, you do not have a leg to stand on.

Well Sprint, How bad would we be jerked around if we were not "Perferred Customers" ?

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Re: Sprint and A T &T tied as the worst service providers

In reply to my own post, I have researched this forum and the web and have found as described above, thousands of compliants very much the same as my own. It would appear that any one person alone those not have the time, power or patience to make any head way towards a resolve.

Perhaps it is time that we all come together. Sprint has a contract clause that states that a customer can not sue them. Well, that is true but this clause those not apply in the case of a class action law suit.

How many of you would be willing to share your complaints, come together and seek out a class action law firm ?

If interested, please reply to this post. Keep in mind, it takes numbers to make a diffirence.

Thank You for taking the time to read this.

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