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Sprint charging existing customers more to pay for new customers.


Sprint charging existing customers more to pay for new customers.

New advanced smart phones (Iphone, Samaung Galaxy etc. ) used to be $199 with a two year contract for everyone.

Now Sprint has decided to charge existing customers $50 more ($249) and new customers from other networks $50 less ($149) for the S4. So in essence basically screwing their current customers to pay for new ones.

Instead of taking care of its Loyal customers who have been with Sprint for years and wait for its slow network to catch up with Verizon, they rather just gain more customers.

I personally NEVER got the original 4G in my area (while ATT and Verizon did) after being told for 3 years that “it’s coming” and still don’t have LTE.

Good job Sprint. After 15 years it’s time for me and I’m sure others to move to the a real network. Verizon’s. The 2GB of data they provide per device is more than sufficient for the average user.

Dish Network may save you but moves like this will only bring you down.

What do you think?


Re: Sprint charging existing customers more to pay for new customers.


Thank you for posting your concern. I hear your frustration but would like to clarify.

The device is currently listed at 249.99 for all customers either new or existing that are eligible for the upgrade price. We are running a promotion for the S4 that applies the (already existing) port in credit at point of sale.

We have always offered a $100 port in credit to customers that port in a phone number. In the case of the S4 (and previously with the S3 and S2) the credit it applied to point of purchases as opposed to credited to the bottom line of the bill.

I realized how the marketing material reads and would be frustrated as well but I assure you the promotion is really no different than any other phone we offer when it comes down to it. New port in's are eligible for $100 credit (this also applies to existing customers who port in a new number).

Thank you,



Re: Sprint charging existing customers more to pay for new customers.

But why is it $249 for existing customers instead of $199? Why are you guys charging $50 more than anyone else for the same phone? My contract is up and if I want an S4 have to pay $249 + a $36 fee ($285) to sign a new 2 year contract!

PS: About that $36 fee. How are you guys getting away with not mentioning that when people order phones online or walk in to stores to buy phones? We are not ok with being surprised by a $36 charge on our next bill! I almost signed a new two year contract the other day at a Sprint store and was already signing things and had my shiny new Optimus G sitting on the counter before *I* luckily stopped things to ask out of curiosity if my bill was going to change or if I was going to incur any additional charges. It was only then that the employee told me a $36 fee would be on my next bill! I left the phone on the counter and walked out! I've also seen multiple people post here in the last few days saying they preorded the S4 online or in-store and then heard people mention the $36 fee on this forum and went back and asked and were surprised to be told they were also incurring the $36 charges. You guys should be voluntarily telling people about that charge right up front! It is bad enough that we have to pay it to begin with!


Re: Sprint charging existing customers more to pay for new customers.

Calling this a 'clarification' is somewhat insulting to current Sprint customers, further demonstrating the initial concern. Call it what you will, Sprint is CHOOSING to offer a discount to new customers and CHOOSING to charge its existing customers more for the same devices. There is no incentive for anyone to stay with a company that does that, there is only the incentive to be a perpetually new customer. The fact that this is 'no different than any other phone' simply proves this behavior isn't an exception, but a rule. I realize your job is to smooth the waters and help keep customers happy, but giving loyal customers a better price on phones (or, at the very least, an equal price) than new customers would be a much better way to keep us happy... and would probably cost less in the long run anyway.

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