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Sprint charging me $50 to repair manufacturing defect?


Sprint charging me $50 to repair manufacturing defect?

The Charging port broke on my HTC EVO 4G (again) and this phone is only 3 months old. I just got a replacement from sprint in late Jan because the old one had the same issue with the port. I did not get charged due to TEP, but I figured at the time it was because it was a known defect and it was not my fault.  But I guess not...

So on the 5th of April I canceled my the insurance on the my phone. I only wanted to cancel the TEP level and keep the $4 one from Sprint, but I couldn't figure out how to do it online so I took it all off.(stupid). I know its not sprints problem that I removed the service, The thing is they are now charging me $50 to fix the same issue with the new phone that was just sent...

I had the first Evo 4G for almost 2.5 years with the full insurance before the charging port stopped working and when I took it in to the same store the guy told me that I caused the problem (He was an a**hole and told me that I caused it with humidity from keeping it to close to a shower causing it to corrode..)   But Sprint CS over the phone took care of it (without telling me it was through the insurance) and I had no problem with them at all. But prior to that I never used the insurance. So after I got the new phone I took it off, and now my phone is broken with the same issue. I took it off on April 5 and went to the sprint store on May 5. The lady I spoke with said that I could put the insurance back before the 30 days grace period and have the device covered. So when I found out I still still before 30 days (I was on the last day) I tried to put it with the link from my text from sprint advising me I had 14 days left (sent from sprint on April 23) to put it back. It completed and said wait for 3 days for it to show on your account. They could not fix it there without me paying until they saw the insurance on my account, so I left. When I went back to my house I looked online and found out that even if I put insurance back on Sprint would not fix it because the 30 days was not a "grace period" like the lady said.

I get that I canceled myself, and aside from all the crap that the Sprint store lady told me about the insurance I still don't see how is that not covered as a defect even if I have no insurance. The phone is three months old and I don't abuse it in any way. So how is it my fault, Why should I have to pay for that? I cant return the phone to HTC without paying because the "new" replacement phone you gave me is refurbished and does not qualify under the HTC warranty, so I'm SOL.

I'm not under contract for close to a year (8 or 9 months) now, So everyone I talk to on the phone or in the store keeps encouraging me to "just upgrade and get a new phone for free", problem solved. No, why should I upgrade when you cant even fix the issue I have now, and you want to put me in a 2 year contract and then tell me to screw off because then I cant do anything to get out of the contract but pay you anyway, so win-win for Sprint. Also any phone that I could get for "free" would be close to crap (best one is the Galaxy S2 which is not much better then Evo 4G). Plus I must pay the tax and the activation fee (not free), just to have a 2 year old phone phone, pay out of pocket and sign a new 2 year contract for a device that is only a year newer and almost the same specs as mine now. When you give me a replacement phone that after 3 month breaks down from a known defect and wont repair it (giving me no option to send it to HTC) what should I expect over the next 2 years if something similar goes wrong that is again not my fault? Either I pay monthly (and likely never use enough to break even) or I pay Sprint when I get it fixed. I wont be able to use my old phone in this instance, because you "fixed" the phone that I paid for by making me pay for a new one and leaving the old one useless. You collect my money either way to fix a problem that should be you're responsibility, Plus the solution proposed to "fix" my problem is by getting me to sign a 2 year contract with (at best) paying something out of pocket, and all for a phone that is not much newer then mine. Why should I expect to get any help from you to fix any problems in the future if you wont help when I'm not obligated to pay you for the next two years. I'm not trying to pull a fast one and get the next new phone free or anything... like a lot of other people I've seen on these forums, I just want the working phone that I paid for over the last 2.5 years to be working. If would have no problem paying if I caused any damage but when you replace my phone and 3 months later... Same issue with no help from you...

I am not about to allow (at no fault of my own) my phone to be rendered useless and then sign a 2 year contract with Sprint as a "fix". when you gave me the defective phone and wont stand behind it when its faulty...

I looked... an with the amount of data I use per month well under 2 GB and about $10 in price difference total... it don't really matter which carrier I have so its about time I go see how green the grass is over there...

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