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Sprint customer support is an illusion


Sprint customer support is an illusion

Sprint seems to be under the illusion that it provides customer support and service. It simply does not. I have a phone that I have had for just around 6 months. It fails to hold a charge and last anywhere near as long as advertised. The phone has been swapped out, and is nothing but more of the same. Even with no apps downloaded (just the phone running straight from the store) the phone cannot function as advertised. The phone loses 20% of its charge in 2-1/2 hours with absolutely no phone calls being made or any web surfing. This is the phone just sitting there doing nothing.  This is false and misleading advertisements. The technicians in the sprint store laughed and even said there is nothing that can be done, the phone sucks. We are talking about the Galaxy Nexus here. The only two options Sprint continues to offers is

1. Replace same nonfunctioning false advertised phone, with the same nonfunctioning false advertised phone.
2. I can downgrade to a lesser phone and get none of my money back.

Sprint would rather waste everyone’s time and money swapping out phones that they have sold that are junk, than actually do anything. The individuals in the Sprint Store even said under no circumstances whatever you do, do not agree to downgrade your phone because you will be trapped. 

So I have a new phone on the way, which me and the technician all expect to suck just as much.  Then we will order yet another one again, and again. Wasting time, and money.


Re: Sprint customer support is an illusion

Understandable you are frustrated and it’s not good if your device does not what you expected it to do. You do not advise what type of phone you have. Warranty is first and foremost the responsibility of the manufacturer. They build the phones and advise the specifications. We as Sprint do provide the option to take care of the warranty issues by intermediating between you, as the customer, and manufacturer. Policy is to either replace your phone with the same type of device or to replace it with a similar device spec wise.

I think you had bad luck with your replacement and got another defect device. You have to realize you carry a mini computer with issues that come with that. The more complicated your phone is the more things that can malfunction. Replacements are individually checked but there are certain issues you cannot always find during an inspection. It is annoying, but cannot always be prevented. Please let us know if the replacement you got functioned better.

- Mark

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