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Sprint does not want Loyal 15 Year Customers


Sprint does not want Loyal 15 Year Customers

Well here we go again...I sent my 1st email stating my concerns over a recent problem with migrating my Nextel phones to the Sprint network and now no one knows anything about my transaction. Larry from Enterprise Account Services contacted me on Friday, told me that my order for 2 Samsung galaxy III phones were placed with the discounted price. Now I call back and was told the order was canceled and has been on the phone for over 2 hours speaking with David and Jason. They can't even get their pricing right on other phones. Their attitude is no compromise. Seemed like a very simple transaction awhile ago, but now the integrity of your company has been tarnished. I will begin to look to move my telephones to a company that will keep their word and keep customer loyalty priority 1. I have not finished my cancelation of my 7 phones on 2 accounts with Sprint and if anyone in Sprint is dedicated enough to attempt to retain a loyal customer with your company, please feel free to contact me. I have been as patient as I can be and feel betrayed by a company I have been with for 15 years. There is no reason to have to deal with an issue over a month with any company.

Sprint has finally made a continuous loop so you will never get to speak with the person you made your original deal with. They tell you its your responsibility to keep up with notes that were suppost to be placed on your account and YOU have to come up with emails that Sprint should have.

I'm totally worn out with this run around. I have spent over 30 hours on the phone...The situation is fixed...but wait IT ISNT....You don't get what is promised, call back and start the whole loop again. WOW....Why would anyone want to stay with Sprint when they tell you to migrate to Sprint network from Nextel, their own company, but take you to the farm.

I sent another email, maybe I will get a response....If not it will be time to move to a company that can keep its word

Heres the one from the other day>>>>>


Good Day --

I am furious tonight after speaking with one of your so called supervisors Keith in account resolution. This person should not be in charge of anyone that has contact with your customers.

Tonight I began my call to customer service around 6 pm with a simple return call from a previous call to Sprint about my Nextel phone service in my area not working. A earlier call to Joyce in account resolution locked in a deal for either a HTC EVO or Samsung Galaxy 3 for no charge for all the problems that I have had throughout the last few months.

I first spoke with anwar who was in account resolution and was aware of the issue...He was very courteous and placed me an hold to process the order for 3 Samsung Galaxy III phones and a repeater to be used in the home. I was left on hold for 1 hour and 9 minutes when the phone transferred me to another person named Cleve. He knew nothing of any deal and after explaining my dilemma again to him he transferred me the the supervisor Keith. The call got even worse as I explained the whole situation again for the 5th time. Keith laughed at me and told me that no one at Sprint would ever give me a 549.00 Samsung Galaxy III, yet sprint would give me a 499.99 Samsung Galaxy II for 99 cents. He told me that he no longer wanted to speak with me and told me that my call would be returned within 24 to 48 hours.

This upset me so much that I have located your email to provide you this information. I believe that a 15 year loyal customer should be treated with the highest respect than I have been treated with tonight.

My whole issue started back on April 23, 2012 when I tried to swap out one of my Nextel phone to an I-phone at a Sprint store in Orlando. The representative worked with Sprint over the telephone for just about 8 hours to get the phone swapped from nextel to the I-phone. No one could seem to get the phone number swapped. The representative sent a lengthy email to your corporate office detailing my experience.

Still my other Nextel phones still have not been receiving text messages and have no service at my home, even as I have enjoyed full service at my house for years while the other sprint phone on my account barely gets any service at the house.

After about 9 hours total on the phone with sprint representatives over the course of a week I finally spoke with Joyce on June 25, 2012 who told me that the Nextel service is being phased out and there is not much that will done to fix or upgrade the network in areas that signal is failing in. Joyce gave me the 99 cent offers, however I did not want to have to upgrade again from Wi-Max to LTE as that network grows since I am having soo many problems now with this transition.

Joyce finally get approval to update 3 phones to HTC EVO LTE or Samsung Galaxy III LTE phones and a home repeater which made me happy. The only thing was I wanted to see the phones in person before I made me decision. The local store finally stocked the Samsung Galaxy III and the HTC EVO LTE phone and I made my decision.

Seemed very simple as I have had soo many other problems with the account, I knew that I would just call up, speak with Joyce, tell her my decision...she would place the order and I would receive my phones overnight...WRONG.....

I don't think that I asked for too much to provide phones that I do not have to update, upgrade and that have service that I expect from Sprint.

It is now 10:30 PM and this ordeal has taken another 4 1/2 hours out of my life. Total I have over 30 hours invested in this project that I wish would just end. I would prefer my Nextel service work at my home, yet it may be time to move on to better things. It should be Sprint !!

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