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Sprint is the most untruth company, they do not know how to solve problems


Sprint is the most untruth company, they do not know how to solve problems

I became their cleint two month ago, the first month went greate with their service, then the telephone line has not been working good. becarefult when you become their cleints, make sure you know everything about how they handle their services and how they sell money. If you have a kids make sure to block any services other than phone or internet as unlimited!! MAKE SURE to block google play with them which is easy charge fo them but not for you althought Google has return your money with confirmation but nor Sprint yet. There is a lot of things is not clear such as other mobile services companies, is it east to steal instead of support you to solve the problem which is easy thought the other vender. SPRINT makes money from google as other they do not.


I went to them for the Iphone and I will be back to T-Mobile later, as you know when they need your service only they will try to help you but when you stock with them ............ BE VERY CAREFUL, you might end up paying a lot of money if you do not block all the services with SPRINT, and go a head and buy APPS from Google or Itune directly, you save money and you will be very happy


Re: Sprint is the most untruth company, they do not know how to solve problems

sugrland -

I am sorry you have had this experience. If this hasn't been resolved for you, I would like to look into this for you.

Typically, we do not block services without the customer requesting a service blocked. If you are wanting to block app purchases from your kids, I can do that in my system or you can do it your account. You do not have to block data to block the app purchases. To do so on your account, go to My Preferences. Under All About My Account, there is Limitation & Permissions. Click on Block Apps & Digital Media Downloads and select the numbers you would like to block app purchases from.

If you would like me to look into this deeper and block the app purchases for you, please send me a PM with the numbers you would like to block and your PIN if you would like me to look into your account.

- *Kitty

Sprint Social Care


Re: Sprint is the most untruth company, they do not know how to solve problems

Thank you. I have already done. However, the problem is money

First, your customer care at the store must advise the clients when they get a new account with kids under 18 with a phone to block it, so it would be no charged without the family acceptance. When we were with T Mobile, they block it for them. The kids know that if they have to go to buy apps from Itune or google play, they have to provide credit card so they could not do it, but with your system, you let everyone screws up as a result of making extra bucks.

Second, after unsatisfied discussion with Sprint care who blame me for my kids situation, I called google care and they were very well helpful to solve my problem and gave me credit right a way to Sprint to refund as a result with the confirmation email, Sprint has not done anything to refund my money.

Third, I can understand that no one at the customer care of Sprint can help to solve the clients problem when it comes to the money, I am still waiting since last week for someone to contact me and solve the problem.

I will be waiting for their respond until next Monday, then, I will contact the District Attorney office in Houston, TX to make a claim, indeed, I am hoping to get respond from more Sprint's clients in case they have similar issue as well.

Re: Sprint Customer Confirmation Phone:() (KMM110532012V97579L0KM)

Case ID 47206190

Thank you for contacting Sprint.  We have received your email and a

member of our Business Customer Service team will call you within the

next 24 hours to address your concerns.  Our goal is to make sure you

can say "YES" when asked if your issue has been resolved.

We appreciate your business and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Business Customer Service Team

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