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Sprint left me stranded in Glasgow with No service for 5 days.


Sprint left me stranded in Glasgow with No service for 5 days.

I have been paying for international calling and txting since i started my plan this Spring. FInally this month i was traveling overseas and i needed to make sure my phone would work for a few calls and txting while in country. I used the chat option from and explained to the associate that i would be traveling for 5 days in Oct.  We discussed what roaming charges would be, )   pricing on calls in the country ( Glasgow, Scotland) etc. I was lead to believe i was good to go.  This was not the case.  I got off my plane in Glasgow, and was stranded with no service. As if i had no contract whatsoever. Not even the ability for roaming.   I couldn't call my cab, my hotel, or my partner that was arriving the same morning, but to a different airport!  I WAS STRANDED.  It was the kindness of a stranger that allowed me to use their personal phone to call my hotel and arrange last minute for a shuttle.  After getting checked in the first thing i did in country, was tod chat into customer service. Yay.   ~ This just made things worse. Apparently i was supposed to have activated a particular SIM card for my phone to work?!?! ( i was never explained, or sent this SIM card)  and that in order for my phone to work i would have to be a customer for over 18 months with a good credit history?!  Again none of this information was given to me when i was making sure my phone would work. I needed it for all of 5 days for a holiday trip.  SIgh.   

The other topics covered in the same chat conversatioN were handled. I arranged to have an airrave sent to my house in the same chat inquiry. And that happened. So how i was supposed to know there was something wrong!?!? 

I want to cancel my sprint service. It is not my fault your employess are so poorly trained. It is your fault  I was left stranded in a foreign city with no means to make a single damn phone call thanks to your representatives.  There are chat histories detailing what i asked for in my original inquiry, and the chat history of when i was in Glasgow desperately asking for my service to work and being told flat out "NO"  ANd that i should take more of my money and go buy a phone in Scotland. Which i couldn't afford to do, i couldn't afford the extra cab fares to find a store nor the extra money to buy another phone for 5 days.

Sprint customer service is ridiclous.  I was apologized too, but what does that matter. I can't get those days back and it did affect my trip.  Also to come home and not see ANY adjustment for the obvious days i was without service entirely is insulting.   I thought i had done everythng i was supposed to do.

My first international trip and the beginnig hours were spent stuck crying at the airport.  Thank you Sprint.


Re: Sprint left me stranded in Glasgow with No service for 5 days.

Does not surprise me that no one from Sprint will respond. All i get is finger pointing to another person, no one will take responsibility for me not having Sprint service when i went out of country even though i made it a point to speak(chat) with a Sprint representative before i left. 


Re: Sprint left me stranded in Glasgow with No service for 5 days.

Hello xMaire,

I definately want to help you and get this issue resolved. Please send me a private message with your phone and pin.*Paida

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