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Sprint ports me in, then denies me port in credit? Why?


Sprint ports me in, then denies me port in credit? Why?

So, my wife and I ported in our numbers from Verizon Wireless.

We went to a Sprint store to do this.  The Sprint store told us there was a $50/credit per phone, when we port in our numbers.

Since there was this credit, we decided to go with the more expensive iPhones.

The Sprint store said that they would port in our numbers and take care of everything.. Nothing we had to do.

Our two $50 credits would show up on our bill within 2-3 billing cycles.

At the second billing cycle, I called and they said that it would show up in the 3rd billing cycle.  They recognized that we were due it, but that it was just not going to happen until 3rd cycle.

At the 3rd billing cycle, which is now.. the two $50 credits are still not there.  I call, and Sprint is telling me I am not getting them, because I did not do something when I ported in the numbers.

I did not port in the numbers.. Sprint ported in the numbers.  Sprint store manager said it was all taken care of by him..  His name is Casey.. He works out of the Sprint store in Kannapolis, NC.

So, I have Sprint basically telling me that Sprint ported in the numbers, and because Sprint failed to do something, they are not going to give me the two $50 credits for phone number port ins, that they said I WOULD get.

How come when Sprint messes up, they dont honor the deal?

How come Sprint says that we get a $50 credit for porting in numbers and then does not give it to us?

How come Sprint says that they confirmed the credits at the second billing cycle, but then at the 3rd billing cycle, nobody knows anything.

This is WRONG and UNFAIR.  You got my business, now you screw me out of my credits?

Anyone know how to deal with this?  ANyone had a similar experience?

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