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Sprint provided no phone service and won't remove charges


Sprint provided no phone service and won't remove charges

I bought the new 64G iPhone 4S on Oct. 21 at a Sprint store. They, of course, had to order it and I was expecting that. The phone had just been released. They said they would contact me when it came in. On Nov. 12, after not hearing anything for three weeks, I revisited the store to see if it actually was in. It was. So I transferred my phone service from T-Mobile to Sprint, had the phone activated and went home happy. My first message was Sprint telling me that my phone was at the store. Thanks very much for letting me know after I have it.

My first bill shows charges back to the day I ordered the phone. Three weeks of no Sprint cell phone service and three weeks of charges. I guess you aren't charged for receiving cell phone service, but for the privilege of "being a customer." Three emails with customer service resulted in a promised call from "Sprint Executive Services." They did indeed call and I was told it was a bit like putting a down payment on an apartment and that I wouldn't be charged for a final month if I decided to leave. That appeased me and I hung up before realizing that he was talking about paying the upcoming month (December) in advance and not the three weeks I was disputing.

So I called them back and Sprint would not budge. It didn't matter that I had no Sprint phone, that it wasn't activated or that I had no way of accessing any Sprint cell phone services. I was technically "a customer" when I ordered the phone and charging for those three weeks was "legitimate."

I am 43 years old and have never dealt with a company that refused to remove a charge that was so obviously not warranted. I will finish my two year contract with Sprint and transfer to another cell phone provider. I will never return to Sprint and will tell everyone who asks about cell phones what I think of Sprint. I am the type of customer that a company likes to have and should be making strides to keep. I pay my bills in full every month and I tend to stay with a service provider for a long time.

I have become convinced that Sprint does not care about its customers and has a corporate philosophy of "wring every penny you can out of people and don't look back." I am not naive enough to think that the philosophy isn't rampant in multinational corporations, but for a company with Sprint's financial problems, I would think customer satisfaction would rank higher on their priority list.

I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the FCC with complaints about Sprint.


Sprint provided no phone service and won't remove charges

We have a team that can look at this - they are "Forums" based. I am sorry for the misunderstanding and from what you say the people reviewing this didn't understand the timeframe of the actual activation.

Click on this link:

After the page loads, look on the upper right side of the page.  Under "Actions" click on send Private Message.



Sprint provided no phone service and won't remove charges

Thank you Larry. It seems you might be the only one paying attention. I followed your advice and sent a private message to "SprintCares" three days ago. I have received a total of zero responses.

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