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Sprint refuses to cancel service non contract


Sprint refuses to cancel service non contract

I'e been a customer since 1999, my autistic niece opened an account in October of 2017 , she does not have the capacity to understand and sign a contract. Anyone who has spoken to her for more than a few minutes could see this.   When we finally found out in December she had several cells phones we realized she had some how opened and account. After a little research and online access to her account the equipment lease on file waa never signed.   We called to cancel the account starting in December.. A friends and family non contact account. We explained what has happened and the lack of a signed contract and were assured they would close the account and send an equipment return package. They did not.  We've called 13 times over the last few months. The issue has been escalated. We've never received a call back everyone promises to take care of it.  The bill is now 1745.00  for phones that have not made a single call since December 2017.     I need someone to help resolve this once and for all


Re: Sprint refuses to cancel service non contract

Hello @Antrich2kids.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We understand your concerns. We would like to take a look into the account and see what we can do about this matter. Please check your inbox, I will be sending you a private message.

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