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Sprint's Lacking Customer Support


Sprint's Lacking Customer Support

     I do not know about anyone else but it seems tht everytime I logon to this website it does not work.  I cannot get the pages to load fully, links do not work, I cannot access all areas of my account.  I am trying to change my new house phone number right now.  I cannot change the device I am looking at, I cannot click on the link to change my phone number.  Basically all the links in my account page do not work, they just bring up the same page as before.  I run into this far too often and to me this is completely unacceptable.  For a company as large as Sprint, issues with the website should be big news, not an everyday occurance.  I pay for service and I should be able to access my services through the website at any time, not when they feel like they need to have their website operational.  I have fairly good knowledge about IT so I can comfortably say that I have a more than adequate link to the interne and I have no issues with my browser settings as I customize my own browser.  I am just venting.  Maybe if this discussion picks up, Sprint may decide to take on their responsibility of customer service.  Also, while on the topic of customer service, in my opinion, a company that has the assets that Sprint has, working hours for live chat support should be nonexistent.  They should support their product at all times and being able to talk to a live person via chat (instead of speaking to someone on the phone whose first language is something other than the primary language of  the area they serve) is another responsibility I feel that they should have.  Please comment.  Whether you agree or think tha what I say is irrelevant leave your opinions so others know where they stand as well.


Re: Sprint's Lacking Customer Support

Thanks for posting!

With regard to, were you able to change your phone number or change your device in the past from the website? If not, you may just need to change the access allowed to your profile, which is easy to do. You may have limited access to managing your account and did not notice until trying to make changes on the account.

On, hover your mouse cursor over the MY SPRINT menu option, at the top of the web page. From there, click MY PREFERENCES. You will be brought to a page where you can manage your access. Go down to LIMITS AND PERMISSIONS> Allow Access to My Account. You will be able to edit what changes can be made from your Sprint online account.

Please keep me posted if this addresses your concern. I'm here to help.

Also live chat is available at

Ruth E

Social Care Team


Re: Sprint's Lacking Customer Support

I was able to gain access to my account at a later time.  There is nothing wrong woth my perrmisssions, I have been a customer of Sprint since they merged with Nextel and with Nextel before that  My online account has been setup of years.  Once the website was working (the links actually took me to a different page instead of reloading the same one I was on) I found out that I am not able to change my phone number for the new device I have for landline.  The rep at the Sprint store told me that I could change it online after I noticed it was a North Carolina area code instead of Maryland which is where I live.  I again tried to locate the chat and it was nowhere to be found even though it was within their hours.  I am back looking again for chat and again I cannot find the link.  Just because chat is not available doesnt mean that the link should disappear.  If it isn't available, why not have a link or icon stating such instead of making people who are not sure where it is to begin with look all over the website.  That would be something simple that would be a courtesy for Sprint's customers. 

     While I am here, I wanted to mention another thing that happened to me a while ago.  Everytime I added a phone in 2010, the reps automaticaly signed me up for the monthly service coverage.  I was able to catch it each time before I signed paperwork.  My wife normally pays the bills but I had looked at one and noticed the $11 fee (or whatever it is)  I looked back and I had been paying it for a little over a year.  I did not need this as I paid for a plan through best buy which covers everything that could happen except for water and there is no deductible.  Basically I was paying for the same thing twice.  I called customer service and they said that all they could do was go back 60 days and refund me for that amount.  They were not willing to refund me the rest even though I could show them the proof that I did not need it because of the other coverage.  I tried talking to the manager and telling them that I have been with them for about 14 years and that it shouldnt be an issue for them to refund me the little bit of money after all the money I had given them.  I could understand their arguements but for each one they gave me, I gave them an explanation as to why that argument was not relevant in this case.  In the end, I got refunded for 2 months worth and the manager was willing to let me leave Sprint instead of trying to satisfy the customer.  What was even worse was I called back the next day to speak to the highest person I could find and they just backed up what was done and told me that being one person leaving there service would not affect the company.  This is extremely poor business and extremely poor customer service.  Another thing that I forgot to mention was during the first day, I had to call back 5 times and get placed on hold because I was hung up on.  At one point, I was put on hold for 30 minutes and then someone picked up, I said who I was and they just hung up.  I had managed to still speak calmly up to that point and was in no way beligerant nor did I give them any reason to not talk to me as far as me disrespecting them.  That was just one of many experiences of poor customer support form Sprint. 

The sad thing is that this is becoming common in the USA................

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