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Sprint service improving? - I think not!


Sprint service improving? - I think not!

I think it is regressing.

Today, I had a preorder for 2 Galaxy s3 all ready to go (one 16gb, one 32gb). When I went to check out, I noticed there would be $72 activation fee.  I then chatted with a agent who tells me that everyone pays the activation fee (even though I see a promo that waives it for new customers). I go back to my order and it has timed out. Ok, I understand security. I log back in and find my cart empty so I reload my cart. I get to the payment and shipping screen and have an error...but the error is in code, not in normal speak. I review the screen again and submit...error again! I try a different credit card, I try a different shipping address, nothing works!

I return from lunch and decide to give it another try. Now, the 32gb is out of stock? I call customer care only to go through 6 different people telling me it is out of stock.I said, "I am aware it says it but it has been in my cart no less than 3 times today and I couldnt order because the Sprint site was not working properly". The response.."sorry sir, check back later or after the launch in a store".

More than 10 years (I think 12) as a Sprint customer and regardless of the claims of "improved service", I am not seeing a compelling reason to renew with Sprint. Nickel and dime me with activation fees and then make it so I cant complete an order? I am like a customer standing at the door trying to give Sprint money and they could care less.

Sprint still sucks and could care less about my business. Thats fine, Verizon and AT&T are always trying to attract me.


SPRINTing to another carrier

Sprint Employee

I'm sorry for the trouble you have experienced, for now, the $36 upgrade fee cannot be waived, and the customer service reps available on the phone have no way to reserve a phone for anybody in a preorder. I would reserve one for you myself if the option were available, and the phone's available presale stock wasn't completely spoken for. please send me a private message if there's anything I can look into for you. Thank you, Chris.

No longer working Community Response.

This is a typical response and lack of service and action by Sprint. I already heard the same excuses why something cant happen or how the $36 per phone is mandatory. Maybe Sprint can pick up a few books on service and empower their people. Start with a Blanchard book "Raving Fans". I dont need a PM to hear the same run around from you.  You say reps cant preorder for me? Simply not true...or what they told me today. They cant preorder something out of stock but they have no interest in finding solutions, just explaining limitations.

It was Sprint website and policy of nickel and diming that started my dissatisfaction; it is the lack of ability and empowerment of the customer service department that has reminded me why I should look elsewhere.

I am in a service industry (hotels, with some right there in Overland Park where your campus doesnt have good Sprint reception). If one of my employees ever treats a guest like this, I will terminate them and tell them to apply with Sprint.


i to have bin a long time Nextel customer, 12 years now, and am being forced to switch due to sprints decision to shut down the Nextel network over next year, which was ok, till i noticed the service over last year has kept dropping on my sprint air card and now wi-fi internet , ive tried to tell the sprint custmoer service this, and there answer was to keep handing me new equipment, ive repeatedly asked them to write a ticket to have the towers checked in area, and no one wants or says they cant, not understanding why there is no effort in taking care of customer complaints, the last customer care agent i spoke to said if i wasnt happy to take new phone back and switch back to nextel, instead of saying ill submit a ticket to have the area checked and problem fixed, how lame!!! friends on the nextel network area skin me if they should go ahead and switch now to, i adimitly told them no!!! they would hate it, dropped caslls, no service or signal, its sad, they were the dominant network for darke county forever, now....they have the worst signal of any!!!! What the hell Sprint, dont you wanta keep your customers???????

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