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As a customer since 1999, I am really debating in switching my carrier. I recently moved and I went to a local store to return my airwave. I was told that they are not a corp store and thus they can not return my airwave. I was told to go to an actual corp store that's about 6 to 8 blocks away. When I arrived at the corp store, I was turned way because they do not accept the airwave. I was told that it should be handle through customer service over the phone. I was fed up by then and I had to go to work. The next day I made another attempt and called customer service. I was then told to take it to a near by store and it turns out it's the first store I went to (the so call not a corp store). By this point I am not happy and stopped by the store and asked to talk to a manager. But the manager stepped out and some guy name Joe explained to me that I had to call customer service and that they are a privately own company (imobile). I was told they do not have the authority to do anything. All I wanted was a resolution and I did not appreciate how the guy explain they are not a real sprint store when it clearly says Sprint in front of the store (It does not say imoble anywhere until you actually ask for a business card). I don't care if it is a third company or what not. All I wanted was a resolution to something as simple as returning my airwave. Eventually the manager came and explained that she would help me with the situation but I would need to call customer service. She then explained that she would gladly help me out if I run into an issue when I call customer service at that time. I eventually... Hopefully got it resolved after customer service told me there's an error and I didn't own an airwave. Hopefully they will send me a kit to my house for me to mail back. But I wasted so much time.

I am amazed how a company like Sprint would pass the bucket with customers. I am amazed how a retail store with the Sprint Logo try to pass the blame that they are not a real Sprint store. Despite it's on Sprint's store locator. The company can't communicate and they treat their customer's like crap. I put up with alot over the years, but this is the worst and I am debating in switching. It's no wonder why their customer's have been dropping like flies over the years.

I do hope people understand that there are Sprint stores out there that will not take responsibility of their product and no not have the authority as a Corp Store. Plus, customer service is horrible. They once represented me but I guess not any more.....

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