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Sprints "New" 14 day return....


Sprints "New" 14 day return....

I got the galaxy s3 and i didnt like it after the first week.

For the decade my family has been with sprint, the return policy has been 30 days,

so when I heard I was to be going to a funeral the other week, I was okay with waiting a little longer before returning my phone.

My grandpa died and I had to leave my home for 4 days.

After a wonderful funeral, I went home to the sprint store on day 16 or 17, unbeknownst that the return was now 14 days.

I had not liked my phone the first week but I was uninformed and had a family emergency that delayed me.

The local sprint store manager, elliot, also gave my family no recognition to the 14 day policy. (sorry, out of the 5 phones we have with sprint, we havent been there for a year.)

When we were told the news, I was pissed. Elliot should have atleast mentioned it? But it wasn't the worst, you would think sprint has a heart and would help us out.... right?

We then demanded them to call higher powers, and they said they would get back to us asap. The store was empty when we left and we waited for almost 7 hours at home and called them back at around 5 hours in. Anyways, the sprint policy is more important than their customer. End of story. After 10 years and atleast 20 thousand dallors, my family is done. We will be slowly but Surely leaving sprint and i gaurentee i will rememeber this forever. I dont care if the 14 day policy is on the receipt, this is bullshit.


IF the information is on the recipt, then you were informed, with confirmation and it printed on the recipt... so because you had a "family emergecny" you think a extension should be handed to you .... ?

Nextly, if you don't like your phone, purchase a new one at af ull retail price, check craigs list, ebay, and find the phone you want, then you can sell your phone online somewhere ...

Also, if you buy a phone online, you can now check ESN's for phones for free


Yea, that's too bad. I've been in similar situations before, and it made me both angry and embarrassed. But to be honest, you can't blame Sprint for your faulty assumption. The policy changed a long time ago, maybe a year ago for all I know. There have been plenty of notices. I think I first saw the policy change in an email, and I've seen it other places as well. I believe spencerhawkins18 is right; the terms are on the receipt. Leaving because you weren't granted an exception is a little petulant, don't you think?


At least someone is on my side here .. Good lord.


If the policy is noted on your receipt, you were technically notified, acceptance of the receipt without complaint is considered "passive agreement". It has been my experience (27 years heading customer service for an industrial manufacturing group with 14 locations) that SOME companies would look at your situation and make an attempt to help you. I can tell you this from my experience with Sprint, do NOT believe everything you are told in the stores, I have caught more than one corporate store employee flat out lying about what they CAN and CANT do versus what they WILL and WILL NOT do. Educate yourself and make their llives miserable, bombard them with phone calls and emails, eventually they may get tired of dealing with and drop YOU, one can dream.


My story is the worst. So I got the Samsung Epic Touch last year in September 2011, which is when the new policy started. I did notice on the reciept that I had 14 days to return the device if I don't like it. The problem with it is that it kept losing signals indoors, so I wanted to return it. It was day 13 when I went to a bestbuy to check out another phone. A representative there told me that the 14 days just means you are locked onto the 2 year contract, but I still had 30 days to return it. I really wanted to keep the phone too, because is a good phone minus the loss of signals, so I brought it to the Sprint tech at the store and the replaced my phone 2 times since I had insurance, but I kept getting the same results, loss signals.

I called customer service and he checked my account and says it hasnt passed 30days so I can return it.

I brought it back on the 29th day. At the sprint store the guy in there tells me that I passed my 14 days and I can't return it. I told him about the other sprint guys that told me about the 30 day return policy and the guy just looks at me and say: "Sorry there's nothing else I can do."

Well the first thing you should do is tell all the damn representatives about the new policies so they won't be giving out the wrong information to the customers.

If only I had recorded the other guy at Best buy telling me, in his own words, about the 30 day return policy I would have had a better chance of proving my case, but I made the mistake of thinking I can trust him and the guy on customer care.

Believe or not this is true, because I always keep my reciepts, for anything that is expensive, and read the return policies to know how long I have in case it doesn't work out for me. I've been a customer for 11 years now and this is the first time I had issues with sprint, I just wished it wasn't such a ridiculous one.

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