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Subsidized Phone Charge...


Subsidized Phone Charge...

I have been with Sprint for over a decade, through the years of bad networks and everything else.  I've been as loyal as the come, referring folks yearly.


My wife's iphone 6 messed up in Feb. She was eligible for an upgrade and I went to the store to get an iPhone 7.  I asked to get it for $199 and they informed me they don't do that any more that they only do installments, but that if I call the 800 number I can still get it for $199.  So that is what I did.  The woman from sprint told me that the 199+tax charge would be on my next bill and that this would result us renewing our contract for 2 years (this is fine, as it is what I am used to doing anyway).  I asked if anything else would change and she said nope, nothing.


Then I see I've been charged a $25 subsidized phone charge for the past 2 months.  She told me nothing about this.  You realize how counterintuitive this fee is?  It results in the phone costing more than it even retails for.  The phone isn't subsidized at all...  I absolutely will no longer pay this fee as she deceived us and I will not stand for it.  I've spokenw with customer service today and they claim there is nothing they can do.  There darn well better be something you can do.  This is not legal.  


Please advise.


Re: Subsidized Phone Charge...

cbradberry, I know that this matter can be very frustrating. But, I will be more than pleased to assist you. Please, respond to my Direct Message as soon as you can.


Carolina Lara

Sprint Customer Care Team

Sprint Social Care
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