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Switch To Sprint Credit

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Switch To Sprint Credit

I moved 2 lines to my account from AT&T back in February & applied for the "Switch To Sprint" port-in credit.  Both lines were ported in & activated at the exact same time.  I should have received a total of $175 in credit.  $125 for a smartphone credit on one line & $50 for the "other phone" credit on the other line.  I only applied for one line because when I completed the registration it said to only do one line & credits would be received for all eligible lines on the account.  I've received the credit on my current bill, but it's only $125 instead of $ it looks like they didn't give me the "other phone" credit.  How can I get this rectified?  If there's a way to do it online or via email I'd prefer that.  Every time I've called Sprint, the reps I've gotten have had very broken English and were very hard to understand.  I don't care to be speaking with "Peggy" in India if I don't have to.


Switch To Sprint Credit

If you go to your My Sprint page during Support's business hours, towards the top right you should see a Chat button. That will put you to an online chat with eCare, who should be able to help you with this issue.


Re: Switch To Sprint Credit

Thank you for your post. The directions provided by rexcanis in accessing the e-chat support are correct. If you prefer feel free to [private message me] with your account number, contact number and a brief description of the issues and we can assist you.


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