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Terrible Data speeds !!!


Terrible Data speeds !!!

7 months now since I had my Galaxy S3 I've been dealing with this terrible data speed, dropped call, and not being able to send messages at times. At home and at work now I've been thinking of canceling contract if things dont improve.!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP


Re: Terrible Data speeds !!!

- Ededdeddie25 That does not sound good. Let's see if we can find our what is going. I have a few questions for you:

  • Did you have no service issues before at these locations?
  • Did it change since you got you Galaxy SIII?
  • Can you please give the cross streets and zip codes of those locations? 

- Mark

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Re: Terrible Data speeds !!!

Same in my area, been going on for almost a year and a half.

Re: Terrible Data speeds !!!

Yes I always had issues where I live but I was going to school and was fine there so I delt with it not being to use my phone at home. Since then thing have not changed, since I stopped going to school.

No I always had those problem even before I got the GS3 .

59th PL between Denker Ave and Halldale Ave 90047 not my exact address but I live around that area

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