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Terrible - mostly no service from downtown Dayton - problem was to be fixed by 11/30 - NOT!!


Terrible - mostly no service from downtown Dayton - problem was to be fixed by 11/30 - NOT!!

I never had problems with service at work until this past fall. When I contacted Sprint (via chat) I was told the problem would be fixed by 11/30/12. Well, that date has come and gone and NO CHANGE! Most of the time I have no bars/service while at work. I also notice that Sirius will sometimes 'search for signal' when I'm just sitting in my car in our parking lot and not moving. Is it possible that the 'fix' or something else has now caused a dead zone in our area? I had that before when I moved to a new house and was with Verizon and had no bars and Verizon came out and confirmed our house is in a dead zone for them (and let us out of our contract at no charge as a result as we don't have a land line) - but Sprint works fine at home, no issues at all! Work, however, is a different story. If I get bars, by the time I hit send for a text they have disappeared and so it drains my battery quickly for having to try several times just to send a text. Could someone from Sprint come out here - physically - not check on line or service logs, etc. to confirm like Verizon did for me at my home? Whatever caused this problem - which started the day President Obama was at Island Park in Dayton - it's like someone forgot to turn off whatever the FBI turned on to block cell phone use while the President was here. Before his visit we (those of us at work that have Sprint) had zero problems - same phones, same location - we've not changed anything, but something has changed. PLEASE INVESTIGATE AND FIX THIS PROBLEM!

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