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Terrible phone coverage in Orlando Florida


Terrible phone coverage in Orlando Florida

I have two elderly parents that I have Sprint phones for so I can make sure they are ok and they can communicate.  I dont know how many times I call them or they call out and the calls go straight to voice mail. Or we are talking and their conversation starts going digital and eventually gets dropped.  I also experience dropped calls when Im on the road on Hwy 17/92 around FernPark.  Can someone please explain to me what the deal is?


Re: Terrible phone coverage in Orlando Florida


We appreciate you brining your concerns to our attention, I understand how frustrating service issues can be. I see that there has been some recent enhancements to the tower that services the highway you mentioned. I don’t see any network events in the area, have you tried any troubleshooting steps to remedy the issue? In regards to the issue your parents are experiencing, does this only happen indoors? Or is it an issue they experience everywhere they go?

Eduardo C

Sprint Social Care

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