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Thanks for working with me...again


Thanks for working with me...again

As always, Sprint has again shown why I can remain a faithful Sprint customer. Keep up the good work.

Sure I may come off as rude on the boards when voicing my opinions of dis-service to certain devices. You would too if say your car had brake problems and it took just a few deaths to get everybodys attention...okay, though not as severe...same frustrations knowing fixing problems is better than ignoring them.

That said, kudos to Sprint Rep Ashante for resolving my premium status issue and it's upcoming change from silver to gold.  Very attentive, professional, and everything I would have expected when speaking to a company rep to resolve any issues I may have.

Unlike charter cable, whom I once dealt with.  Disconnected my service from the pole after my payment already posted, then instead of correcting their mistake, went from wanting to charge me 75$ for reconnect all the way down to 17$ for reconnection, which I refused, ultimately lost my cable provider, and then was issued a 17$ check for overpayment.   Silly rabbits...

Thanks Sprint!!!

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