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Told One Thing, Billed Another


Told One Thing, Billed Another

I recently signed up for a mobile broadband plan 30-day trial. I found myself approaching the 5GB limit very quickly, so I called customer service to inquire. I was told explicitly that going over the 5GB limit would not matter if I canceled within the 30-day trial. When I called to cancel (having exceeded the 5GB limit) I was told the opposite of this, and they refused to credit my account for the extra data usage.

Has anyone else had this problem? What recourse is there? I would prefer to settle this amicably, but am willing to pursue legal action if necessary.

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Re: Told One Thing, Billed Another

Sorry you was misinformed, But there is really not much you can do as it is in writing(contract you agreed to) that you would be responsible for any overages.

*You’ll be responsible for extras like usage not included in your plan, premium content, 3rd-party billing, international charges, and any taxes and Sprint surcharges associated with such extras.

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