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Total Equipment Deception.


Total Equipment Deception.

Just when I was ready to invest in a new iPhone and reup for two more years Sprint decides to give me yet another reason (besides dropped calls) to leave. Back in November of 2011, I bought my husband an LG phone. Knowing his track record with phones, I agreed to the Total Equipment Protection plan for $8 month. The told us point blank "if anything happens to the phone it will be repaired or replaced for free". Never once did they mention a deductible. Now here we are a year and a half later, his screen is shattered and when we go for a replacement not only can they no longer help you in the store, but when you go online and submit the claim, they let you go through the whole process and submit it, only to tell you later that they are billing you $100 deductible.

Then when I call to complain. They guy says, "yeah I know its kind of misleading but it's better than paying $500 for a new phone." WHAT!?

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You flat out lied to us and you want us to be grateful for it? I have been with you guys for 18 years now. I have three lines. 2 of them are out of contract and the third is five months away. Do you REALLY want to start telling me stuff like that? The worst part is i could hear the phone rep laughing at me under his breath. You had better believe I will be posting this...and not just on this forum. I'm appalled that you guys care so little. It's embarrassing that I have always told people how good your customer service is. I guess I hadn't seen the real Sprint until now.


Re: Total Equipment Deception.

The Total Equipment Protection program is not deceptive. The specific salesman that you worked with originally was if he did not inform you properly of this, which is also against Sprint retail policy. Have you contacted the store management at the location you purchased your phone from? The store management at that original point of sale are the ones that would handle it since it was one of their employees.

The TEP website and the flyer in store state the coverage TEP provides, the in-store flyer breaks it down a bit more than the website homepage. Tonguerotection

The Support page breaks it down as well

When filing a claim online it tells you about the deductible before you finish submitting it, I work with the website every day. It has you ebnter your number and account PIN/security answer, prompts you for hte issue and how it occurred, and then verifies the type of phone you had on the date you enter the issue happened. After that it asks for delivery location, then tells you the deductible for that particular model and states it is a non-refudable one-time deductible, you must agree and type in your initials as a digital signature authorizing, then it prompts for payment method for card/bill to account.

Essentially most things that could havpped to your phone are covered free of charge. The deductible and filing a claim is only when your phone is lost, stolen, has liquid damage or physical damage. A cracked screen qualifies as physical damage to the device. It is not a failure of a part like a speaker, microphone, or vibrate motor. It is directly caused by an outside force on the phone.

Without TEP, physical damage, liquid damage or a lost/stolen phone are not covered at all, you would have to purchase a new phone at retail price (or upgrade price if eligible). TEP does represent a lower cost alternative, it is insurance. You may never use it, you may use it a lot, the purpose is peace of mind that you won't have to pay $500+ for a new phone if something unexpected happens to your phone. I would also point out that all carrier insurance programs operate this same way in the US, and Sprint's is the most forgiving as far as what is covered without a deductible, I work as a retail technician so I see phone's come in with issues all day long, I've seen just about everything.

Ignorance of the service you pay for is not the fault of Sprint, all of the information about deductibles, cost, etc. are available online at, through Sprint Zone if you have a Sprint smartphone, through retail store flyers, and over the phone through customer care (free call by calling *2 from your phone).


Re: Total Equipment Deception.

thanks for your reply.

However the store we purchased from could care less. They were the first to blow us off.

Followed by the first phone rep my husband talked to. Then the one I talked to who admitted that it was "kind of misleading" even as he was laughing under his breath.

THanks for your links, I looked and couldn't find anything. You would think clicking on total equipment protection on my account would lead somewhere.

Sad thing is If even one person had said something from the get go or had at least acted like they cared, this could have been avoided. it doesn't matter now anyway.

we are canceling the claim and the replacement phone will be sent back. Found out we can replace the screen for $70.

canceling this useless protection plan and shopping for a carrier that will be upfront with us. Even if its the same protection service which i doubt i will ever buy again, I only want to deal with people who don't disrespect us.

This isn't the first time we've had issues. But it certainly is the most costly. Sprint used to have excellent customer service. But now I just feel like I'm an inconvenience. Truly sad.

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