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Tower Outage - Zip Code 10005


Tower Outage - Zip Code 10005

Coverage maps says that voice connection is "best" while data coverage is "on network" - this is definitely not the case as my Sprint iPhone 4s 32gb consistently displays "Extended O", "Sprint O" or simply "No Service."

This has been an issue since November of 2012 - so approximately 4 full months now.  Anyone else experiencing a similar problem or know when the tower will be fixed? Clearly 4 months isn't enough, but I'm not engineer.  I do know that I am paying for a premium data connection and yet cannot send text messages, call anyone or check email.  All Sprint did was off a one-time credit of $10 even though this problem has existed for 4 months.

Can anyone from Sprint please advise? If it helps I am at the corner of Wall St and Williams St.  Can anyone give a more telling estimate of when the tower will be fixed - all Sprint Click-to-Chat agents drop off instantly when I ask about this.  What's with the terrible customer service?


Re: Tower Outage - Zip Code 10005

Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry for the service issues that you're encountering in the Wall Street area of Manhattan. We are still working to get service restored fully from the impact of hurricane Sandy. We are currently working with the local phone company in the area and are awaiting repairs to the local landline connection, which was damaged from the storm. We're sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused, but the damage incurred was substantial, and our engineers and technicians are working diligently to get service back up and running to full capacity.

Morris L.

Sprint Social Media Care

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