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Transfer contacts from Wireless Backup to Sprint Mobile Sync


Transfer contacts from Wireless Backup to Sprint Mobile Sync

I have Wireless Backup service on my LG Lotus. I want to upgrade to a smarter phone, preferably the budget Android Samsung Intercept, but have been told by Sprint that Wireless Backup is not supported. I also have learned that Wireless Backup will restore contacts to a Mobile Sync enabled phone, which at least broadens my options, but it is proving very tedious to dig through all the phones' features to find which ones offer either of these services, which I consider critical to my choice of new phone. I am SO not re-entering my duly backed-up contacts by hand into my new phone! Anyone have anything helpful on this?

Further, I feel that contact backup is so critical that Sprint would do well to find a way to make this an option that can transfer properly to all phones. As it stands, I am now NOT choosing the phone I wanted...

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