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Unable to receive incoming calls when I leave the state?


Unable to receive incoming calls when I leave the state?

For the past year I have had 3 different brands/styles of Sprint phones.  Samsung, LG and I now have the HTC Evo.  When I leave the state of Missouri all 3 phones would not allow incoming calls to come in.  If someone tries to call me it goes straight to voicemail.  Text Messages come right thru.  It is only the incoming calls I have issues with.  I have bee to Florida, Washington, Kansas and North Carolina and in all states my phone acted the sameway. Last night in NC I finally was fed up and called Sprint.  I was on with the tech for close to an hour.  He went thru updating the PRL and Firmware and checked my roaming settings.  He said everything was setup as it should and I should take my phone to a sprint store.  Unfortunately I did not have time today and I am now back in Missouri and my incoming calls are coming in again.

There has to be something wrong on my account since this has happenned for 3 different phones.  It can't be the phone.

Any suggestions?


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