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Unexplained casual data--on the bill of someone who avoids data and messages like the plague


Unexplained casual data--on the bill of someone who avoids data and messages like the plague

I am so angry at Sprint that I finally ported my service to [company x, which is known for its coverage]. I had other reasons, too, besides the absurd charge on my last bill: sometimes, I have to travel to and stay in a place where only a certain other carrier has decent coverage, but I had put off switching carriers. My last Sprint bill showed $36.48 worth of casual data usage, which is a hefty amount for someone who doesn't use data. Now, I am not a neophyte. I did work for a company that cannot be named that did customer service for Sprint at one time, so I am more than familiar with the cell phone business. I know exactly how people end up with various charges and nightmare bills.  I remember one poor lady whose children were using her cell phone to call in votes on some tv program, and she seemed to be in a state of apoplexy over her cell phone bill.  The situations that occur are unbelievable sometimes. But I know how it works, and everything I do on the phone is specifically designed to avoid charges. In my case, I had a 5 year old Samsung SPH-A640, a good voice phone, a terrible internet phone. I hate messages, text and picture, and I had text messaging blocked long ago. I had to unblock it on a couple of occasions to set up Google voice once, and, I think, something or other to do with PayPal, but I don't have time for that sort of thing. And I tried, several years ago, to use the "internet" access on the phone, but on that phone, it was worse than using a dial-up modem before the public internet, when you had to dial up individual sites, like the library, via your modem. I mean, the intenet on that phone was a joke. But, since I had no laptop, whenever I travelled, I would put a data pack on my plan, just in case I might need it, despite the nightmarish inconvenience (and its failure to work properly), then I would remove the data plan when I was back home. The only time I ever used any internet function on the phone was years ago, only a few times, and only with a data pack--I know how cell phone charges happen. I have never downloaded a ringer, I have never played any games via the phone, I have never voted on any of those reality show contest: the only reason I had the phone was as a phone--very old fashioned, and, although I was prepared to use the internet if necessary when travelling, the occasion never arose. I did put on an extra service that used the internet, wireless backup, just to make sure that I did not lose my address book. That was in September, 2010. It's only $2 a month, but is worth peace of mind. It does use the data channel to update itself, but if you don't change the address book, i.e., if you don't add, remove, or change any entries, it won't use any data. When I added the wireless backup, I had a data plan, because I had been travelling, so my initial address book backup was covered by the plan. When you first put the wireless backup service on, it will use more data for the initial upload. The data usage that month was only 62 kb. November was 40 kb, December was 183, but when I removed the data plan and stopped changing the address book, there was NO data usage for January through May of this year. In other words, knowing how Sprint is, I would only change the address book rarely, and I would save several changes to do them all at the same time, just so that it would only have to access the data channel one time. I changed something in the address book, and in June, I used 13 kb, for 39 cents. In July, I used 69 kb, for $2.07. None of those were unreasonable, and I do not begrudge letting Sprint make an extra dollar or two on occasion. There were charges starting again in September, 115 kb for $3.45, which I wondered about but ignored, and then again in October, which puzzled me, because I had gone to a lot of trouble not to modify the address book, and that was the only conceivable data charge. October's was $4.89 for 163 kb: I started to call Sprint about it, but forgot. I should have called, I guess, because now the November bill has the absurd charge. You have to understand this also: I am single, and not on one single occasion has any other person ever had access to my phone, not for a minute. So where did the $36.48 come from? How could someone who hates texting, picture messages, phone games, etc., rack up $36.48 of charges? I called and talked to 2 different CSRs, and was told that "someone" had "sent" me something or another, and that I had opened whatever it was: bull feathers. In order to read any email or i.m., on that phone you have to select the service, and then you have the option of "connect' or "always auto-connect," and I have never even once done so.

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Unexplained casual data--on the bill of someone who avoids data and messages like the plague

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