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Unhappy Customer


Unhappy Customer

I am sending this email to let someone in management that I am very dissatisfied with your service. I have three lines on my account and the Palm Pre [...] phone has been nothing but problems. The speaker and hearing piece is defective. It crackles when you make a call and recieve calls. I took it in about six months ago in Glendale Calif and then again for the same thing last week in San Antonio Tx. They charged me $35 dollars to fix and I picked it up yesterday and it was not even charged up! How am I suppose to know if they fixed the problem? So I took home and charged it and it was the same issue to begin with, tried to make a call and all I heard was static! I am so upset by this time. I have made trips to several stores and they give me the runaround that they dont have the parts or they are not a full service store? What a way to inconvienience your customer. So I will have to go back to the store again! Waste time and gas. People are struggling these days due to our economic times, I spoke with someone in customer service yesterday and she said there was not a thing she could do for me? I was like you are willing to lose a customer then to offer some kind of resolution to this issue? I do have a choice when it comes to selecting my services. I would like my refund for the repair charge and to be able to upgrade my phone without a charge! I will be looking foward to a respond.

Thank you.

Darlene E[...]

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Unhappy Customer

I'm so sorry to hear about your Sprint experience, especially at one of our Stores.  We do have many Sales Only stores and they do not have the proper equipment for testing and diagnostics that our Service & Repair Centers have, but I'm more than happy to partner up with you and see what we can do.  Please private message me by clicking on my avatar.  I will need your name and Sprint phone number in the private message. 

I look forward to resolving your issue,


Sprint Advanced Technical Support

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