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Unwanted Password Reset Loop


Unwanted Password Reset Loop



I am signed in just fine on my sprint App, but I went to the browser on my phone instead so I can add a line to my account (which you can’t do on the app as far as I can tell).  When signing in with my correct information it said I needed to change my password and did the two step verification.  I went through those steps to reset, but when I tried to login in directly after changing it, it asked me to change it again.  It keeps doing that almost like it is stuck in a loop.  Looking forward to timely assistance.


Thank you!


Sprint Social Care

Re: Unwanted Password Reset Loop

Hey splankysuzie, we'd be glad to help you with this inquiry. Whenever you update your password, you must also update the password stored in any browsers (including the app) used to access the account. Failure to do so will result in being locked out from the account for multiple failed attempts or for the system to constantly ask you for the two steps verification. Please let us know if this works for you.

Sprint Social Care
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