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Upgrade Question?


Upgrade Question?

Apparently, without me knowing, I only had a 1 year contract with sprint. It ends this month but I still won't be eligible for a full upgrade until September of 2011, even though my contract ends November of 2010. Sprint is only offering the $75 off upgrade.

I'm not sure if this is a normal way for upgrades for only a 1 year contract (Still do not remember it being only 1 year), but even if a contract has ended, shouldn't I be eligible for the $150 upgrade as long as I extend it for 2 years?

I hope you can understand my question.


Most contracts are 2 years, and are upgrade rebates coincide with those. $75 upgrade rebate after 1 year, $150 upgrade rebate after two years (22 months). Since you only had a 1 year contract, you are only eligible $75 upgrade rebate assuming you got your phone when you signed the 1 year contract or around that time.


So, if I only get a $75 upgrade, would it be possible, since my contract is over, to leave sprint, then come back as a new customer, getting the $150 off new customer price?

If that's possible, would I be able to keep my number?


No, Once you leave, In order to start as a new customer you have to wait 6 months. Are you sure you were on a 1 yr contract? It is not easy to get in on 1 yr contracts, It is not something they advertise. What phone do you have/plan are you on? When did you purchase your phone? Did you get new customer pricing when you purchased it? If your on an eligible plan after 3 months of on time payments, After 6 months you become Premier, Then every 12 months you would be eligible for the full discount.($150 or new customer pricing)

Place your number in here and see what it states as far as the discount your eligible for and it will also tell you when you qualify for the full upgrade discount.


Yeah, it says it started 11/15/2009 and ended 11/14/2010. The numbers (yes, there are two) involved both have the Palm Pixi with the Family everything plan. Neither numbers are the main phone on the account. The phone was purchased back about a year ago. I did get new customer pricing.

I got the phones under special circumstances. Sprint made a mistake saying I had the full $150 upgrade on these two numbers, but when I went to the Sprint store, they would not let me upgrade. So I called customer service and through Telesales, they gave me the upgrade. They never mentioned a 1 year contract at all.

I wouldn't want to upgrade except that the quality of these two phones are ridiculous. I've had to get refurbished ones 2 times for each phones and frankly I'm sick of it.

So, it's not possible for me to get the full upgrade discount?

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