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Can someone please tell me how the new upgrade system works? I was originally a premier customer and then they changed that. Then I was told every 20 months for the main line holder. But when I go and check,it says I have almost a year. I don't see the benefit of staying if I have keep the same phone for 2 years when I'm already having issues. I would like to think that Sprint would treat their long term customers better. Also I've heard you can get a discount on your bill if you have AAA is this true?

Thanks Christina


Re: Upgrade??

Here to help cmftak!

Thank you for posting to our page. What you we're told is correct it is every 20 months that a customer can upgrade now, I do apologize if this causes any inconveniences to you. What is going on with your device exactly? Do you have insurance?

We do have discounts for AAA, do you work for them or are you a member? If you call AAA you should be able to ask them what their discount code is for Sprint and I can look it up for you and advise what the discount includes. Just let me know!



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Re: Upgrade??


I meant for AAA if you are a member.

Thanks in advance-


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