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Use Upgrade From Another Line/Phone?


Use Upgrade From Another Line/Phone?

Like the many and many out there, I want an iphone.  My wife's line is ready to do an upgrade, but she is fine with her phoen.  I have read that you might be able to use that upgrade on another line, is this true?  Also I have an upgrade on my 3g modem line, what about this?  Thank you!


Re: Use Upgrade From Another Line/Phone?

Since a Sprint rep will not respond, I chatted with Sprint today:

Chat ID: 758661507914081598

Customer Name: Michael XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Chat Type: Equipment
Chat Reason: On my family plan, my wife's line has an upgrade, my line doesn't. I have read I can use her upgrade on my line in bestbuy, is this true?

Agent: You're in our Chat queue in position 1. Please hold for the next available specialist.

Agent: Thank you for contacting Sprint. While I access your account. Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will enable you to view other Web pages while we chat.

Simply click the white Yes button below now.

Agent: Thanks for moving the chat window.

Agent: I am happy to assist you today.

Agent: Please provide your phone # or account #.


Agent: Thank you.

Agent: May I please have your 6-10 digit numeric PIN to access your account?

Customer: XXXXXX

Agent: Thank you.

Agent: Please hold a moment while I access your account.

Agent: Thank you for your patience, I will have the information shortly.

Customer: ok

Agent: Thank you for waiting.

Agent: I have checked that as per the rebate offer, on the line #6823 your phone is eligible for $150.00 instant rebate as of now, against the purchase of a new phone.

Agent: If you want you can upgrade a new phone on the line #6823 and once you get the phone you can activate the new phone on the line #6421.

Agent: No additional charges will be charged for the phone activation on other line.

Customer: so the 6823 line is available for full upgrade? I checked sprint, bestbuy, radio shack, and apple. i want to use her upgrade to get and iphone and then put it on my line

Customer: an iphone

Agent: Sure.

Customer: so the new contract would be applied to her line?

Agent: You can upgrade an iphone on the line #6823 and once you get the phone you can activate the new phone on the line #6421.

Agent: Yes, it will be applied on her line.

Customer: can i do this at a sprint store?

Agent: Yes,you can do it at store.

Customer: ok thank you

Agent: You're welcome.

Customer: have a good day

SO, we can go into Sprint stores and do this, which is cool. 


Use Upgrade From Another Line/Phone?

There are numerous posts on the forum about this being possible- always search and the answer is usually out there.

Here are just a few -

Also - we do recommend CHAT for immediate answers - Many of the reps who normally work on the forums have been on the phones since the volume of calls since iPhone announcement came out. We argue we should be on the forums since customers like you are expecting ( and rightfully so) someone to answer them. Sorry we missed you this time.


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