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I am writing in regards to my previous visit to a CORPORATE STORE. I brought my blackberry 8530 in to have a lcd screen replaced, an upon picking up the phone, it was in worse shape than when i brought it in, cosmeticaly!!! First off i was told i would be getting a replacement, which i didnt. i was told it was their decision to swap it out an the were being nice by repairing the phone, which makes no sense!!! Upon picking up the phone the PLASTIC LCD LENS PROTECTOR was not securely glued down which cause the key pad to be loose. the phone isnt even 2 months old, it was in excellent condition when it was brought in!!! when i approached the store manager i was told it was cosmetic an i was shit out of luck,, mind u cosmetic damage THEY CAUSED. After leaving the store i called customer service an explained my problem, an upon the rep looking at the service notes he stated the notes indicated that the houseing, lcd, an outter screen protectore were replaced when in fact only the LCD was replaced. I was instructed to go to another sprint store an have a rep there VISUALY IDENTIFY the damage an report it to sprint customer service. To my face the rep identified the damage but immeditly after ran to the back room where he thought i couldnt hear him an called the previous store to "give them a heads up" that a unsatisfied customer was at his store, an refused afterwards to call sprint an identify the damage. Now i call *2 myself in the store an explained what i was instructed to do an was told to put the store rep on the phone, in which again he took the phone an ran to the back room an sneakly talked about the problem. after returning to the front of the store, he handed me my phone an ran back to the back room to call the previous store AGAIN!!!! No when i got on the phone after it being returned to me i was told there is nothing they can do an was hung up on. So now $50.00 in gas wasted driving all over the state to multiple stores, an very much aggravation, I have a very poorly serviced phone. I take pride in my possesions an to have some employee tear my phone apart an lie about it, upsets me very much. They dont care they dont have to pay full price for their phones an get new phones every month.



Please private message me the name of the store/location and the names of those who interacted with you at the store.

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