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Very Disappointing Experience...


Very Disappointing Experience...

I want to express my disappointment in the customer service I have received when cancelling my account due to service interruptions caused by tower upgrades and limited availability in my area. I have reported problems from July 2012 through end of April 2013. I accepted credits to my account initially, but unltimately have had to switch carriers because having my service was more important than a credit, especially having children. Sprint is now charging me an early termination fee for the remainder of my two year contract which is due to end Sept 1, 2013 in addition to paying for a full month's service.  I have been a loyal customer for over ten years and tried to stick it out through the recent months.  I would gladly have recommended Sprint going forward until this situation. I have always been a big promotor of Sprint. After this experience, I will no longer recommend Sprint. I hope the upper management somehow has the opportunity to read this. I am sure they have heard of "NPS" Net Promotor Score. In a matter of 2 phone calls, Sprint lost a promotor and gained a detractor.

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