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Very Dissapointed


Very Dissapointed

Dear Sir. I want to express myself how disappointed I am with Sprint and customer service. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years, ever since Sprint came into business, ‘built from the ground up’ as I remember.

On 05/18/10, I went to the local Best Buy store and made a reservation/hold for the new EVO phone and gave a $50 deposit. Before I left the store, they checked my account and told me I was *not* eligible for an upgrade. I knew this had to be an error, since I knew this phone, the 718-413-XXXX was approximately 18months old, and Premier Customers are eligible for upgrades every year. I contacted Sprint customer service on ‘5/18/10’ using *2, and I was told the 718-413-XXXX was my secondary line, and not eligible for an upgrade. I advised customer service this was a mistake, this is my primary phone as I have internet and text messages on this line. My secondary line 646-420-XXXX, I have everything blocked, internet and text messaging. Customer service corrected this problem, and the 718-413-XXXX is now my primary phone. Customer service advised me I was able to upgrade my phone when the new EVO comes out on June 4th 2010.

A few day later I decided to check back with the Best Buy store to make sure everything was in order, as I did not want any problems when June 4th came around. Sure and behold, I got the same response from Best Buy, ‘I am not eligible for an upgrade’. How can this be possible when I was clearly told by customer service this issue was resolved?

I called back customer service, and now I’m told I have wait a billing cycle for my primary phone to take effect in the computer. I told them, what does the billing cycle have to do with the fact that my phone is 18 months old? I pay my bills on time, never late using automatic deductions thru my credit card, but some how the billing cycle affects when my 18month old phone becomes primary? In this age of computer technology, I’m sure changes can be made the same day, and make my 718-413-XXXX primary NOW, not a billing cycle away.

Not satisfied with their response, I get a call from 888-285-4797 and spoke with Curtis, ID number: 916751451 to try resolve this issue. Curtis basically told me the same thing, I had to wait a billing cycle for everything to take affect properly. Well I can tell you I was not happy with his response, but I agreed to wait the billing cycle. I also want to emphasized he ‘CLEARLY’ said 1 billing cycle. I made sure he checked with his supervisor first. He put me on hold, and his supervisor told him ‘yes 1 billing cycle’.

My billing cycle was over on June 18, 2010, and I ‘m still not eligible for an upgrade.  I went thru all the proper channels and for what? I was lied too point blank several times. I left a message for Curtis to call me back to NO avail. I did speak with Laura, and she now tells me I have to wait 2 billing cycles? Laura did say if after 2 billing cycles, If I was still ‘ineligible’ for an upgrade, a supervisor would take care of this matter.

Now if a supervisor can take care of this problem 2 months from now, why can’t he do it after 1 month? Why couldn’t he do it the first time I called? I ask you Sir, would you still do business with a company that lies to you? Also now that I think about it, I originally called on May 18, 2010, that’s the last day of my billing cycle. May 19 and June 19, 2010 that’s 2 billing cycles already. I truly do hope all my conversations were recorded, as I am not lying about the dates and facts I am presenting to you. What about if Laura is wrong? Maybe it takes 3 or 4 months? By the time the computer gets it right, my contract will be over and why should I keep Sprint?

Sir, I’m not asking for any special treatment. All I wanted is for the computer to recognize my 18 month old phone as being primary now, not 3 or 4 billing cycles from now. I really do want the EVO phone, but is it worth the Sprint hassle?

Now does anyone have an address where I can mail this letter too. Maybe the Sprint CEO?

Thanks for listening

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