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Very Poor Service in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (00820, 00840, etc.)


Very Poor Service in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (00820, 00840, etc.)

  I am not sure what Sprint is doing to the towers/service in the U.S. Virgin Islands, especially St. Croix, USVI; however, the service has gotten really worst over the last year or two.  Calls often drop or if one has service, the person you are speaking to sounds like he/she is speaking from under water.  Internet reception on cell phones are also a problem.  In 2012, I complained by phone about the same problem and was advised that Sprint's system does not show any problems in the area.  Full reliance of your system is not the end all solution to a problem.  Sometimes "on the ground" troubleshooting is needed.  If this issue continues, Sprint will continue to lose customers to AT&T.  I really don't want to think the issue is seemingly ignored, since St. Croix or the US Virgin Islands is a small territory.  However, it's really hard not to consider this.  I have been with Sprint over 10 consecutive years and intermittently prior to those years.  As such, I have seen the improvements Sprint have made to retain loyal customers and improve customer service.  However, as it relates to service improvements int the US Virgin Islands, they are seemingly very limited or close to none existent.  I recall when Sprint came to the US Virgin Islands many Cingular and AT&T (two separate providers at the time) customers swtiched over to Sprint.  The service/reception then was pretty good; however, within last year or two, the service/reception has tremendously declined.  It's plain out POOR.  Some of my friends have alread switched to AT&T due to the poor service and others are seriously considering.  I would also switch, but I recently renewed my two-year contract.  I really like Sprint and I am a loyal customer.  However, if there is a continued lack of concern for service provided to the people of St. Croix/U.S. Virgin Islands, I may seriously consider breaking my contract and accepting my loss by paying the contract termination fee.  SPRINT NEEDS TO DO BETTER!!!  SERIOUSLY!! 


Re: Very Poor Service in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (00820, 00840, etc.)

I am still waiting to hear from you, Sprint, concerning the service issues in the Virgin Islands.  Your response, sincere investigation and subsequent resolution are greatly appreciated.


Re: Very Poor Service in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (00820, 00840, etc.)


Thanks for the post. Sorry for the delay in response. I am seeing that there is a voice outage for that area at this time. That could also have an effect on texts. Not seeing any issues with data though. please try to update your profile on the device.

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