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Very disappointed! :(


Very disappointed! :(

I can't believe my ears....

I think it's very bad to be shoved aside and disregarded.

I have been  a  loyal customer since i got my contract.

Recent unfortunate circumstances in my life made it hard to pay my unlimited plan, but i was never late. I downgraded my plan several times to try and keep my service and cost down. Sprint was very understanding of it seemed. I had some  mobile to mobile confusion about the basic plan i switched to and received overage charges, my bill was outrageous. I called thinking i could revert back to a  step higher plan to keep my service and in hopes they would help out with the overage fee. The customer service supervisor had not sympathy what so ever and seemed glad that I had no choice but to cancel my contract. Very cold. He was very short with me giving me no options but to default. I'm very upset and in a situation that is extremely bad for my family.  I cannot believe someone would rather lose a customer than attempt to offer a solution.

Extremely embarassed.....



Re: Very disappointed! :(

Hi jrahhal,

Thanks for your post in Sprint's Community forum. I am sorry to hear that this has happened. I understand there was an issues that caused some overages on your account leading to a higher bill. I am more than happy to look into matter for you, as I believe I have solution that you will find very satisfying. To take this issues off line, may you please send me a private message? In your private message, may you please include your phone number, and PIN.

Thank You,

Yahkie W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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