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Warranty Replacement


Warranty Replacement

I've been hearing that Sprint will no longer be offering warranty replacement instore for those who do not have insurance.  Tell me this isn't true.  And if it is true, let it only be true for new customers.

Part of the reason why I signed a new 2 year agreement and added 5 lines was because of useful features like this.  One by one those features are slowly being removed from my account.

I had the Samsung Moment.  I replaced that phone at least 5 times because of issues beyond my control.  If your going to tell me that I'd have to either A) pay you 7 dollars a month or B) pay you $35.00 for a fix or C)  wait 17 or more days without a phone over a bug that has nothing to do with anything I did?  I will laugh in disblief.

I was more than willing to pay full price for any phone I broke myself.  That hasn't changed.  I'm never going to be willing to wait 17 days or pay 35 dollars for a fix that wasn't suppose to be needed  if my phone was working right.  This is a service that was pormised to me with my contracts and I expect this service to contiue as it has.

Why all the secret changes?  Isn't this something you should let your customers know upfront?  It's like your betraying us if this is true.


Re: Warranty Replacement

From what I've been told - Nothing manufacturer warranty-related is being changed in store. Sprint corporate repair centers will still honor manufactures warranty in store at no charge like they have been doing since April 2009. This month some physical damage, like a cracked screen, may be able to be fixed in store with only the $35/55 deductible instead of having to pay $100/119 like it is currently. So the change is actually to our benifit, As the only thing changing is the price of repairs being dropped.


Re: Warranty Replacement

Type of RepairCost
Normal Wear and Tear$0$35
Mechanical and Electrical Failure$0$35
Physical Damage$0$35
Loss, Theft, Liquid Damage or Damage Beyond RepairInsurance Deductible
*Deductable depends on device model.

Sprint provides the following at no charge: Manufacturer warranty for mechanical or electrical failure for one year from original activation date. Device unlock/reset, phonebook swaps and software updates.

Re: Warranty Replacement

Correct, the changes made are actually an advantage to you. Previously, any physical damage at all carried a $100/$119 deductible no matter what it was. If you had a broken screen, a loose charging port, broken hinge, phone was in multiple pieces, etc. they all required that deductible. If you had TEP or ERP then it was cheaper to go through Asurion for the replacement because it was $50/$100 instead.

Now however things like loose charging ports and cracked screens are covered in a repair store with only a $35 deductible without TEP or ESRP. With TEP or ESRP there is no deductible for those types of issues. The manufacturer's warranty is still covered in store just like it was before, no change was made to this at all.

Things like broken ports, damage to the motherboard, the phone being in multiple pieces. other physical damage, liquid damage, or lost/stolen phones would require the insurance portion of it and require a $50/$100 deductible through Asurion as long as you have TEP or ERP.

Total Equipment Protection consists of both the Equipment Service and Repair Program (essentially an extended warranty) and the Equipment Replacement Program (Insurance through Asurion) together. ESRP and ERP are available separately for $4 each, TEP combines both at a discounted $7/mo.


Re: Warranty Replacement

halcyoncmdr117, I believe you 1000%, BUT am getting irritated by all the reports stating otherwise, Even though everything in writing points out exactly what you have stated. Other sites state otherwise, Even SPRINT PROPER is stating there is a $35 fee for in store warranty.

Sprint facebook - Sprint Lonnie, if you do not have TEP, you will be assessed $35 to have your repaired or replaced at the Sprint service and repair location or you can send your phone to the manufacturer for assistance.


The ONLY thing different on this page is the price drop from $99/$119 to $35. EVERYTHING ELSE IS EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

There is no site or anything in writing that states there is a $35 fee for "IN WARRANTY SERVICE", As A matter of FACT it states exactly the oppisite.

Sprint provides the following at no charge: Manufacturer warranty for mechanical or electrical failure for one year from original activation date.

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Re: Warranty Replacement

REALLY SPRINT? You just deleted this ""Sprint provides the following at no charge: Manufacturer warranty for mechanical or electrical failure for one year from original activation date"" from that page? Sad, Just sad! I can't believe you'd do this.

I believe Sprint did this to upsell their Express Service and Repair Plan (ESRP). It's a money grab plain and simple. Since Sprint started honoring in store warranty and with the 1yr upgrades Premier provides customers were not purchasing Insurance any more since they were covered for the first year. But with the declining quality control the phone manufactures are pushing out there devices with so many issues that the customer has to have their devices serviced or exchanged many times this only hurts the customer, I'd say quit doing business with certain manufactures(SAMSUNG/PALM) until they step up their game and provide quality working devices. As much as I defend you, I just can't defend this decision.

If you read any of the horror stories on how many times a customer has had to visit a service center or get their phones serviced/exchanged, For example a customer on facebook had to visit a service center 10+ times over issues with the Samsung Moment before Sprint offered a different comparable model, So that is $35x10+=$350+ to get into a model that worked correctly when the issue at hand is well documented on this and every other forum. At all visits all they did was hard reset his device over and over, So they would of charged him $35 every time they hard reset his phone? Something he had tried many times before even visiting the store. At some point they need to recognize  "Known Issues" and hold the phone manufacture responsible, Not punish/charge the customer.


Re: Warranty Replacement

Complain to BBB.ORG...I just did - and we all should - every customer who pays $35.  They may take notice when their BBB rating goes down...


Re: Warranty Replacement


this is not true !

i have been to a sprint store and they said if i want the phone repaired even if its under the YRs warrantys or if i want them to even take a look at the phone it will cost me $35.00!!!!

this is crazy!  i've got a LG rumor touch thats only 4 months old and it keeps shutting off every time i slide the keyboard out,

they said i would have to call LG to have it repaired.

i called LG and they said it would take 5-7 busniess days to get it fixed! its outrages!


Re: Warranty Replacement

If you read the whole thread, The change Sprint made to start charging $35 for warranty work just changed and what they had newly posted on their support site contradicted what they sent out to the Sprint Repair centers, They told them to charge, But yet the website stated there was no charge. Even Sprint employees are confused of the change, Which is why I am trying to get Sprint to make some type of formal post clearing up the confusion. So far all they've done is delete ""Sprint provides the following at no charge: Manufacturer warranty for mechanical or electrical failure for one year from original activation date"" from that page.


Re: Sprint Charging for Warranty Replacement

I am having the exact same issue with Sprint. Sprint has decided to take no ownership of the phones they promote and sell. Sprint now sees the poor reliability of the phones they sell and promote as way to increase revenue. For someone to say that Sprint charging customer’s for Warranty work on Sprint’s phones is some how a benefit to Sprint’s customers is a farce and you have to wonder where such a person’s loyalties lie.


Re: Warranty Replacement

It's not the "Repair" policy change that is bothersome, It's the "In Store Warranty" change/charge($35) that is the issue and that Sprint has not officially stated anything about. And has avoided placing anything on this page( stating it. The Repair policy change is great, But at least acknowledge the In Store Warranty change some place in writing to avoid/clear up the confusion this has started.
They have clumped the In Store Warranty & Repair changes together, But have avoided stating anyting at all about the warranty change in writing.

Are there any basic requirements of the Warranty Act?
Yes. Written warranties must:
◦Be noted as either "full" or "limited"
◦State certain specified information about the coverage of your warranty in a single, clear, and easy-to-read document
◦Be available where the warranted consumer products are sold, so that consumers can read them before buying

Re: Warranty Replacement

I would like to point out that Sprint directly does not warranty phones, the manufacturer does. In the past (3 years ago when I started) Sprint did not cover warranty repairs in the service stores at all. There were repair fees for everything, and if you wanted it covered under warranty you wnet through the manufacturer. That policy was changed to allow in-warranty repairs in store without a repair fee (A year or so ago). That is now being changed again similar to how it was before.

From our retail notices about what we explain when people ask:

With the change in S&R policy, in-warranty repairs will be charged a $35 convenience fee.

  • For this fee, customers can get quick resolution in a store for incidents like: mechanical/electrical failure, defects, wear and tear, and physical damage. 
  • After the repair or exchange, offer to add TEP to their account so they can eliminate future repair fees. 

Be sure to explain the following to the customer:

  • OEMs typically offer limited warranties only for manufacturer defects. 
    • Signs of physical damage or wear and tear will often void the warranty.
  • OEM damage assessment is stricter than Sprint’s assessment.
  • Customer will be without their handset for 10-15 days while the OEM assessment takes place.
  • Customer will have to pay to ship the device back to the OEM.
  • If the device issue is deemed outside of their warranty, the OEM could reject or also charge a repair fee.
  • If you need them, the OEM phone numbers are located at:

If you have TEP the only thing that changes for you is that some physical damage like a cracked screen or loose port are now covered in store whereas before you would have been classified under physical damage with a $99/$119 deductible in store or a claim through Asurion for $50/$100. The $55/$99/$119 charges  that Sprint had previously for different issues are all disappearing and just being replaced by the single flat $35 repair fee.

So essentially the advantages of having TEP are now that the warranty is covered in store, and the repair fee is waived for all other issues. Some things that previously would have been cheaper to go through Asurion for (cracked screen, loose port, etc.) are now covered in store as well free. For those without TEP warranty issues now have a repair fee in store, but there is only one $35 fee (not 4 like previously, $35/55/99/119) and you do not need to send it back to the manufacturer. Things like broken screens, loose ports, etc. now fall under that single $35 fee instead of potentially being $119 like before.

The warranty is still there and valid, but Sprint is no longer going to be a middle man in between doing the repair and then passing the repair fee onto the manufacturer instead.

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