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Weak Signal.


Weak Signal.

I'm experiencing very weak signal in and around my home in 78705 and work in 78701.  Historically, I've always had really great signal strength, but starting yesterday I've had at best two bars everywhere I've gone.  Calls are constantly being dropped and I can't access the internet unless I'm connected to a wifi network.  Is there something causing this that I should be aware of as a Sprint customer?  If so, is anything being done to remedy the problem and when should the problem be resolved?


Re: Weak Signal.


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, my apologies for the inconvenience. Based on the information you provided, I see a cell-site is out of service in both zip codes. I would like the opportunity to verify if this is what’s causing the service issues you’re experiencing, please provide us with the nearest intersection to your place of work & home.

Eduardo C

Sprint Social Care


Re: Weak Signal.

The nearest intersection for my home would be 30th Street and Hemphill Park.  Guadalupe and 30th Street is also a larger intersection nearby.  The signal strength at my office seems to have improved as I had near perfect reception yesterday, but the signal strength at my home is still very weak.

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