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West Texas Service


West Texas Service

I have been told for the last four years that Sprint was upgrading in my area.  Most of the times I cannot get a signal in my house and the service is not very good in my area.  Two years ago when I renewed again I was told there putting up new towers and service would improve, well it is time to renew again and I am considering going to Verizon. Why can't a company do what they say they are going to do?

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Re: West Texas Service


Ouch, that is not good. Thank you for your patience so far.  We are currently upgrading our whole network nationwide market by market with our Network Vision project. This should be done by the end of 2013.  If you give me a zip code I can check what the current status is for your area.

You can find more info on network vision here:

More info on status can be found here:

You mention that you have a lot of issues in your house. Have they ever done any network trouble shooting with you? There would be a solution available like the Airave, which is an indoor signal booster that works via your internet connection. I am more than happy to look into this if you want.

- Mark

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