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What I can do to unlock my phone?

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What I can do to unlock my phone?

I will travel to my country for 1 month and i need unlock my phone for use with another carrier in my country, what I can do?


Re: What I can do to unlock my phone?

Thanks for reaching out to us. We would be glad to assist you with this. First we will need to verify what model phone you're using, and whether or not it is capable of international roaming. Second, in order to qualify to have your phone unlocked, your account must not have an account spending limit (ASL), the phone must be active on your phone number for 90 days or more, your account balance must be currently, and you are only allowed to unlock one unlocked device per subscriber Service Agreement.

If you have met the above requirements, you can either chat with our international department at Live Chat or give them a call at 888-226-7212 to see about unlocking your phone for international use with another carrier abroad.

Enjoy your trip and please let us know if you have any additional questions?

Morris L.

Sprint Social Media Care


Re: What I can do to unlock my phone?

Thank you . I called today and they unlock my phone in less of 5 minutes. I happy because i can use my phone with other carrier in my trip.

Re: What I can do to unlock my phone?


Thank you for giving us an update, we're glad everything worked out.

Eduardo C

Sprint Social Care


Re: What I can do to unlock my phone?

Is it true that devices with expired service contract can't be unlocked? I have iPhone 4S and my contract expired in December 2012. Now Sprint refuses unlocking it to use with other providers in Europe unless I renew my contract. But I don't want to renew contract on 2-year old phone. Do I have any other options?


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