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What happened to customer service?


What happened to customer service?

I have tried being nice, they don't care, the answer is always the same... NO we cant help you. it appears you have to commit a bizarre list of activities like committing suicide in a store in order to get some positive attention. this is not an action i am willing to take. but it does put in perspective the lack of concern for their customers.

under no circumstances does the TEP (Total Equipment Protection) even read to be a value. your better off saving that 8 bucks a month. in the fine print. You can get a like replacement... that means if you have an android you might get a windows phone.   they have up to 35 business days to complete a response. Although TEP is not owned or operated by Sprint and Sprint is acting on their behalf as the payment collector they claim absolution from the program and deny any responsibilities. 

Third party stores like Adcomm Digitel follow the same pursuit of its not our problem go talk to sprint then you will have sprint tell you its not our problem you have to contact the dealer.

no one wants to help take accountability and those that want to help cant because they don't have the latitude to do so.

All in all i could write for days on this however i have realized i have wasted too much time on this and should seek reparations in small claims court.


Re: What happened to customer service?


First let me apologize for the experiences that you have had with our customer service. It is not our intention to make you feel that you would have to take drastic measures in order to get our attention. We are here to assist and do what we can to address your issues. What happened exactly with your TEP claim? Was your claim not honored? Were you not given a replacement for your damaged device? I'm not sure if you understood the stipulations of the TEP so I included a link to the terms and conditions. I hope this is helpful in giving a better picture of how it works.


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