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What is the Subsidized Phone Charge $25.00 for?


What is the Subsidized Phone Charge $25.00 for?

Hello! I was checking my bill and I just notice a Subsidized Phone Charge $25.00. what is this for?

                                 Thank You


Hello Jazmin05, thank you for posting on the Sprint Community Forums.

We'd like to take a look at your plan  and account to be able to address your concerns regarding the subsidized phone charge. Please reply to the private message I sent you.

To access to your private messages, click on your name or avatar. This will take you into your profile. Once in there you will see the private message notification.

If you're posting from a phone/mobile device, once on this site and logged in, go into your browsers settings and change it to full site mode/desktop mode. Once the site changes, follow the steps above.



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Sprint Social Care Team.
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