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What is the proper way to terminate my contract with Sprint???


What is the proper way to terminate my contract with Sprint???

My wife & I have the 1500 minute "unlimited" plan (shared) with two different contract fulfillment dates.

At first, I had the phone in just my name.  I added my wife's line one or two months later.

My part of the contract has already been completed.  My wife's ends at the end of next month.

I'm pretty sure that we have to keep the whole thing in my name until her part runs out next month & therefore, I should not make any changes to either account in order to avoid starting a new 2-year contract with either phone line.

With all of the games Sprint plays with Employee Discounts, $10 Premium Data Fees, no 4G coverage in my area, broken promises & unending excuses, etc., we have simply decided to take our business elsewhere.

Question 1: What is the proper way to terminate my / our contract with Sprint?

Question 2: How much will the early termination fee be on my wife's line?

Question 3: How do I properly return the Airave to Sprint so that they don't charge me money for it?

Question 4: Should we just "suck it up" until the end of next month & then end our relationship with Sprint at that time?

So, talk to me, folks. 

The more responses to my questions, the better.

I need straight answers. I don't want to hear anything about "customer retention".  I swear that I'll "flip out" if Sprint tries to rip me off for any more money / play any more games than they already have in the past.

People, we are the consumers.  We ulimately have the power-- (i.e. "$$$")-- over what we're willing to put up with.  We all have the choice to tell Sprint, "NO"!!!


1.To cancel services call sprint at 888-211-4727 and request to cancel as far 2.As the ETF is concerned if you were to cancel prior to the end of the contract it will be $50. 3When you call to cancel they will send you a return kit to send the airave back. as far as question 4 that is up to you,.


Since Sprint changed the contract terms on you by dropping the corporate discount, you are no longer held hostage with ETF. You can cancel any time you want. Do it soon. I know I am also.

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