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What was the point of Pre ordering Iphone 7 plus


What was the point of Pre ordering Iphone 7 plus

What was the point to pre order the iphone 7 plus if we are not going to get until October. Sprint has the Iphone forever program, which seems like a failure to me right now. 1st off all, the night of the pre ordering there website wasn't working, then in the morning once i was finally able to place a order after hundreds of time of unsuccessful attempts. I get a email said my order is on back order and will not have my phone shipped out until 9/30. At least Best Buy is giving there customer $100 for there failure what is sprints response.

"Your order for the iPhone 7 Plus Black 128GB has been received and will ship by 9/30 if ordered before 11AM CT on 9/13. Your order will deliver 10/10-10/19 if ordered between 11AM CT on 9/13 and 3PM CT on 9/16. Your order will deliver 10/21-10/28 if ordered between 3PM CT on 9/16 and 12PM CT on 9/17. Your order will deliver 10/23-11/6 if ordered after 12PM CT on 9/17. You may track the progress of your order at Additionally, keep an eye out for a shipping email with your tracking information. Thank you for your patience"

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