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Where Did This Tablet Come From?!


Where Did This Tablet Come From?!

Anybody else receive an unordered "free" tablet at their door? I've been dealing with phone upgrade woes online, in-store, and on the phone for about three weeks (that isn't resolved), and now this tablet shows up and I have to handle returning it. I called support and they told me to take it into a store where the CSRs could return it for me. I did that today and now they tell me I need to call support again to get a return kit. This is the kind of runaround I've been dealing with for at least 24 total hours and with 17 Sprint employees now between the phone upgrade and now this tablet. Anybody know the best way for me to get this thing back to Sprint so I can at least check one headache off my list?


Re: Where Did This Tablet Come From?!

Good afternoon stevenseighman, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences caused.

It would be our pleasure to assist you. Please reply to the private message I sent you.

To access to your private messages, click on your name or avatar. This will take you into your profile. Once in there you will see the private message notification. If you're posting from a phone/mobile device, once on this site and logged in, go into your browsers settings and change it to full site mode/desktop mode. Once the site changes, follow the steps above.


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