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Where is my Airrave?


Where is my Airrave?

I have an Air Rave ordered but Sprint says its back ordered. I've been on the phone for four hours with Sprint and I cant get an answer as to when I'll get it.... everyone just guesses.... from you should have it in a few days to weeks.

Sprint could call Air Rave and ask when they are shipping.... why can no one tell me when I'll get it. Someone knows the answer to this simple question... why cant someone give me the actual answer and not a guess?

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Yes but what is the answer..... See, that's what I mean. Could you please provide an answer based on something tangible.... like a call to Air Rave. Could you please call Air Rave and ask them specifically for a date.... not a guess.... Example. There is a shipment arriving on ____ that will allow delivery to you by_____    An answer based not on a conversation with Air Rave is a guess....can you provide amazing Spring Customer Service and find the answer to this simple question and not just guess.


Re: Where is my Airrave?

Hey Oldschool119, thanks for posting with us. I'm sorry to hear you're still waiting for your Airave.

As with all items, sometimes the demand may overwhelm the supply. Backorders on such items can sometimes take a couple of weeks to be delivered (although it may be prolonged even longer depending on previous orders and production).

Have you ensured that your email address was included in the order? This is the quickest way to get updates on your order status. Thanks!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team

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